Mum warns of vacuum danger after toddler injured

 Photo: Facebook

Every parent knows toddlers can move fast, now one mum is warning about the dangers of allowing small children anywhere near vacuum cleaners.

Jade Bishop's 16-month-old boy suffered horrific burns when he put his thumb in the family vacuum cleaner.

His injury came to light after his mum posted on Facebook about the scary experience.

Jade and Theo
Jade and Theo Photo: Facebook

Jade, from Somerset in the United Kingdom, explained how Theo received fourth degree burns when he stuck his thumb in the bottom of her Dyson vacuum cleaner, while her back was turned. Her post has now been shared nearly 10,000 times.

Despite feeling like the "world's worst mum", she wanted to share the incident with other parents to avoid others going through the same "traumatic ordeal".

"So I turn the vacuum (Dyson) off and turn my back to unplug it from the wall, I hear Theo turn it back on, turn my head to hear him screaming," she wrote.

"I yank the plug from the wall and he has managed to put his thumb in the bottom of the Dyson where the bristles spin at a crazy speed. I go to him quicker than I ever have to see he has a nasty burn on his hand."

She took him immediately to the hospital and was referred to a burns specialist. "They are talking about possibilities of skin grafts and surgery and nasty scarring with restricted movement as he grows," she said. "(He'll have) his burn cleaned and redressed every three days and a appointment with specialists weekly. Please, please, please do not let your children near vacuum cleaners!"


Jade, 24, told that she was heartbroken. "My heart was in my throat," she said. "My baby boy was in agony. I've never heard him cry like that. I was so shocked that something like this has happened. Five seconds in that hoover and it could be potentially life-changing for him."

Jade said she had received a lot of positive support from her Facebook post and was hoping this doesn't happen to any other children. "I know it wasn't the company's fault and I understand they can't change their design, but just a warning in the booklet or sticker on the hoover could save so many accidents," she said.

"I would just love to make a positive situation out of a bad one. Making people aware of it could stop just one more tiny finger or thumb from ending up like this."

A Dyson spokesman said: "This is a heart-wrenching accident. Vacuum cleaners can be very tempting to little fingers but they are very powerful machines not to be toyed with. We hear Theo is doing better and hope he has a full recovery."