Sam Squiers shares picture of daughter's 'Wonder Woman kiss'

Wonder Woman kiss
Wonder Woman kiss Photo: Instagram @SamSquires

Channel 9 sports reporter Sam Squiers has shared a photo of her baby girl Imogen with a birthmark on her forehead. Imogen was born on 13 June at 32 weeks, weighing just 1.3kg, and has spent her entire life so far in hospital.

"You may notice Immi's hemagioma," Sam wrote on Instagram. "It wasn't there when she was born but popped up six days afterwards, starting off as a tiny pressure point."

"They occur in one in 10 babies and are most common in premmies, girls and babies under 1.4kg – so Immi ticked all the boxes," Sam wrote.

"It's not there forever, they do go away on their own but because it's so close to Immi's eye and growing we're treating it with #propranolol," she said.

Propranalol is a beta blocker drug used to treat high blood pressure and hemagiomas.

Hemagiomas are also known as "strawberry kisses" or "stork kisses".

"But given Immi's battle over the last 38 weeks, we have been calling hers her Wonder Woman kiss because this little girl has shown Ben (Sam's husband) and I her incredible strength fighting her way through some incredibly tough times in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)."

Imogen is a fighter, and continues to gain weight, but she is still battling breathing difficulties, so cannot yet go home with her parents.


Sam and Ben have arranged their schedules around Imogen, spending most days at the hospital feeding and caring for her with the help of the staff at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

Sam says she is grateful for the care, and for Imogen's incredible recovery from a traumatic birth. "She's made of stronger stuff than us and after seeing the struggles of some of the other parents in NICU, if Immi comes out with just a hemagioma, then we're doing incredibly well," she said.

"I've always said strength is true beauty and Immi already has plenty of that."