Premmie book list

Having a premmie baby is the beginning of a difficult journey for baby and family. Rest assured there is plenty of support available. Here is a book list covering a range of issues you may be facing. 

This list is provided courtesy of the Austprem website.

Early Days

Premature babies: a guide for parents
by Dr W.H.Kitchen et al. 2nd ed. (1998)

Neonatal intensive care: what every parent needs to know
by Jeanette Zaichkin, 2nd ed. (2001)

Baby Talk: for parents who are getting to know their special care babies by Dale Hatcher and Kathleen Lehman, Centering Corporation (1989)

Baby massage: parent-child bonding through touch
by Amelia D. Auckett (August 1989)

Premature baby diary: one day at a time
by Pam Owbridge (September 2000)
Order from Pam, 8 Valance Crt, Petrie, QLD 4502 or by phone (07) 3285 2356

Growing Sophia: the story of a premature birth
by Rochelle Barsuhn (April 1996)

Loving and letting go: for parents who decide to turn away from aggressive medical intervention for their critically ill newborn
by Deborah L. Davis (1993)


The silent cries of a HELLP Syndrome baby by John and Rebecca Knox

Emotions and psychology

Parents of premature infants: their emotional world
by Norma Tracey et al. Whurr Publishers (July 2000)

Learning to love: the developing relationships between mother, father and baby during the first year
by Lorraine Rose, ACER Press (October 2000)

Empty cradle, broken heart: surviving the death of your baby
by Deborah L. Davis (November 1999)

The fate of early memories: developmental science and the retention of childhood experiences
by Mark L. How (1999)

Premature Baby and Child Care

Parenting your premature baby and child : the emotional journey
by Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tessler Stein (Fulcrum, 2004)
Available to purchase through Austprem

Your premature baby and child : helpful answers and advice for parents by Amy Tracy and Dianne Maroney (September 1999)

The premature baby book : a parent's guide to coping and caring in the first years
by Helen Harrison and Ann Kositsky (July 1983)

Touchpoints : your child's emotional and behavioral development
by T.Berry Brazelton (March 1994)

The preemie parents' companion : the essential guide to caring for your premature baby in the hospital, at home, and through the first years
by Susan L. Madden (September 2000)

Twins, triplets and more : their nature, development and care
by Elizabeth Bryan (1992)

In time and with love : caring for the special needs baby
by Marilyn Segal, 2nd ed. (January 2001)

Raising your spirited child: a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic
by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (September 1992)

The secret of happy children by Stephen Biddulph (April 1998)

Long-term medical problems

Children with cerebral palsy : a parents' guide
by Elaine Geralis (September 1998)

Hydrocephalus : a guide for patients, families and friends
by Chuck Toporek and Kellie Robinson (February 1999)

The out-of-sync child : recognizing and coping with sensory integration dysfunction by Carol Kranowitz (March 1998)

ADHD in the young child : driven to re-direction : a book for parents and teachers
by Cathy L. Reimers and Bruce A. Brunger (1999)

Behavioral intervention for young children with autism : a manual for parents and professionals
by Catherine Maurice (ed.) (December 1996)

Pediatric tracheostomy home care guide
by Cynthia M. Bissell (April 2000)

This list is provided courtesy of the Austprem website.