'Life-changing': the $10 product hailed a miracle for Brisbane baby's eczema

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Photos: Supplied 

A Brisbane mum has revealed that a $10 moisturiser has been "life-changing" for her baby who suffers from severe eczema. 

Tamika Hayley says her daughter's delicate skin was previously so red-raw and sore, she looked like a burns victim.  

"It has completely blown my mind," admits 27-year-old Tamika. "My daughter went from being absolutely covered in a horrendous rash, to not having a mark on her."


Kali-Rose was just six-months-old when she first developed eczema.

"It coincided with the season change as we went into winter," explains hairstylist Tamika. "A massive rash came up beneath her neck and all over her chest and back. She would get so itchy that she would scratch so much she bled."

"She was always pointing at her arms to try to tell us that they were hurting her, which was heartbreaking."

With eczema affecting around one in three children in Australia, the condition leaves the skin itchy, red, dry and cracked.

"We were going back and forth to the doctors all the time and were always given steroid creams which are so harsh, especially for babies, and they didn't work for us," says the mum-of-one.


"We were even advised to give Kali-Rose, now 21-months-old, bleach baths to alleviate her symptoms but there was no way I could bring myself to do that."

While the rash diminished with the arrival of summer, Tamika says her daughter's skin "exploded" once again in winter. 

After also trying strict lactose and dairy-free diets and home remedies to no avail, Tamika was stunned to find the solution for Kali-Rose was stocked in her local Woolworths store.

She heard about Childs Farm via her aunt who had been told how the skincare range had helped a UK-based family member's severe eczema.

She decided to try the Baby Moisturiser – dubbed "a miracle cream" by mums across the UK on social media – twice a day, along with the Hair & Body Wash for Kali-Rose's evening bath.

"Within a week the redness that, at this point was covering Kali-Rose's back, bottom, backs of her legs and fronts of her arms, had calmed down," says Tamika. "Then it was completely gone within a month.

While not a cure, Tamika is relieved to have finally found something that brings her little girl some respite and means she no longer has to put mittens on her hands to stop her scratching. 

"I'm now on a mission to try and help other people who may be in same position," says Tamika, who continues to use the range every day.

"As a parent it is so frustrating not to be able to help your child when they're in need. I just felt so useless."

Looking ahead to her wedding to partner Chris in March, Tamika is delighted that their daughter will be able to enjoy dressing up for the day.

"Kali-Rose never used to be able to wear pretty little dresses without attracting negative comments," she says. "They would say, 'What's wrong with her skin?  Is she OK?' 

"I bought her a flower girl dress a while back before we discovered Childs Farm, but it was too fluffy and itchy for her. It's so lovely to be able to dress her in whatever I like now that there's not a red mark to be seen."

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Childs Farm was founded by UK mother, Joanna Jensen, after she had difficulty finding products suitable for her daughter's sensitive skin.

"I first created the range almost a decade ago when my two daughters were struggling with sensitive skin themselves", she tells Essential Baby.

"My youngest, Bella, had terrible eczema and allergies. I couldn't find any toiletries that used naturally derived ingredients and were suitable for their delicate skin so set about making my own, initially from my kitchen table.

According to Joanna, she is thrilled to be able to help people like Tamika and Kali-Rose and "put a smile" on their faces again. 

"Hearing how we have helped littles ones – and adults – to feel happier in their skin through our range; money can't buy that feeling of just having done something unbelievable positive and helpful."


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