How breast milk can help relieve your baby's teething pain

 Photo: Tasia Blackwell

Teething pain: some say it's a myth, but parents know better. Inflamed cheeks, clinginess, sleepless nights and a grizzly baby ... and then a tooth appears.

Most of us know the drill and do all we can to help our babies through this tough time. And one innovative mum has come up with a simple trick that helps her baby with teething discomfort: icy poles made from breast milk.

Tasia Blackwell from Columbus, Ohio, posted a video of her baby son sucking on a breast milk iced treat.

The caption reads, "Milksicle! Popsicle made of breast milk, he loves it! Helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy,"

Love it he certainly does. It's enjoyment, nutrition and pain relief in one genius hack, with more than 18 million views and nearly 5000 people sharing it since it was published on June 3.

Of course parents can use the type of milk their baby is fed on to produce their very own tooth pain icy poles for their babies; Tasia simply stores them in breast milk bags in the freezer and takes them out as needed.