Gorgeous photo celebrates the idea that 'fed is best'

The beautiful photo features 21 mums and their babies.
The beautiful photo features 21 mums and their babies.  Photo: Abbie Fox/Foxy Photography

When it comes to breastfeeding or bottle feeding, Abbie Fox wants the world to remember one thing: 'fed is best'.

So the mum of two organised and photographed a beautiful scene of mums loving their children and feeding them however they choose.

The Las Vegas photographer explained in a Facebook post that she had personally struggled with breastfeeding, leaving her feeling guilty and upset, before realising that overall 'fed really is best'.

"When I had my first child nursing didn't work. I did everything I was supposed to do but my little chunker of a newborn was too impatient and even specialists couldn't help us," she wrote.

"So after 6 weeks of stressing and crying myself to sleep we finally said enough is enough. It was not worth the stress and as long as he was happy and healthy I was going to be happy." 

"My family was very supportive, but others around me were not so supportive … It was very hard getting criticism from those who I thought would be the most supportive, other moms."

After the birth of her second child, she was able to nurse and said "it was amazing". But after three months her milk stopped coming – so she swapped to bottle feeding.

"We tried supplements of all kinds, and nothing worked," she told the Huffington Post. "Being a second time mum I was much less worried about what other people said because I had kept a little boy alive and healthy for two and a half years, so I knew that I knew what was best for my kids."

After her experiences, Fox wanted to capture the magic that is supporting a child's growth and healthy development, however it may happen. So she gathered a group of 21 mums willing to take part in her special project.

The resulting photos are just gorgeous, with the final image including women breastfeeding - including one tandem nursing her twins- as well as mums giving formula and pumped breast milk in bottles.

"Basically I just like to bring awareness to the fact that as mums we all struggle in many different ways, and through it all, we should be supportive to one another," Fox told HuffPost.

"The world needs to start accepting nursing in public more, and the mum community needs to start supporting each other's parenting decisions more."

"As long as baby is happy, healthy, and taken care of - that is all that matters."