Baby's face 'sliced' during c-section delivery: 'It's heartbreaking'

Photo: GoFundMe
Photo: GoFundMe 

A newborn baby has been left with a cut across her face, after her cheek was sliced during a caesarean delivery.

Kyanni Williams had to have 13 stitches following her birth to close the gash on her cheek. Doctors say the injury occurred as the baby was too close to the placenta wall during the emergency c-section.

According to the child's parents, Damarqus and Reazjhana Williams, they had planned to deliver Kyanni naturally at Denver Health hospital, but due to complications she had to be delivered via an emergency C-section.

"To have your granddaughter born to come out to see the plastic surgeon, to get 13 stitches, is devastating, it's heartbreaking," the baby's grandfather, Walter Williams, told Fox4.

"It's upsetting, she's not comfortable," the baby's father Damarqus Williams agreed, saying he "tried to be understanding about what happened.

"On top of the fact her face got cut and a plastic surgeon had to come do it, there's just a lot of things I'm not understanding with the C-section. I've never heard of anybody having to deal with their baby's face looking like this after a C-section."

The family is demanding answers from the hospital about Kyanni's injury.

A spokesperson for Denver Health said baby skin lacerations were a 'known complication' of emergency c-sections.


"Denver Health has been in touch with the family directly," they said in a statement.

"While this is a known medical complication in emergency C-sections, our focus is always on providing care in the best interest of the mother and child."

According to a US based study, it's extremely rare the baby to be cut like Kyanni from a C-section.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network, found that 0.7 percent of more than 37,000 C-sections ended with the baby having skin lacerations.