Baby with the 'Batman' birthmark unveils results of first operation

Photo: / Instagram
Photo: / Instagram 

Baby Luna Tavares Fenner became world famous in September when her parents appealed for donations to travel to Russia for a series of operations to remove her congenital melanocytic nevus - a large birthmark covering a majority of her face.

Luna has recovered from the first of her operations, unveiling the results on Instagram for the world to see.

New pictures reveal Luna's forehead is now birthmark-free as a result of an operation in Russia by Dr Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon-oncologist in Krasnodar.

Dr Popov was the only medical professional who said he could remove the birthmark with surgery, rather than treat it with laser over many years.


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While her parents Carol and Thiago loved Luna just the way she was born, knew they wanted to seek removal options for their baby girl.

Carol, 36 said at the time, "We're going to remove it. That can turn to cancer, also because of the bullying and stuff we are going through when we go out, people saying bad things about it," she said.


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Incredibly, Luna's appearance has attracted unkind comments all of her short life, her mother said.


"I don't want her to get bullied. People ask if it's contagious and say really mean things," she said. "One time we were at church, and a girl sitting next to us said to her mother, 'Wow, look at her. What a monster.'"

With only $91,000 raised of the $220,000 needed, Carol is appealing for people to donate so Luna can complete her surgery schedule. Her next operation is scheduled for January.

Carol wrote on an Instagram post thanking Luna's supporters, "Thank you very much! Now we have two months to intensify the campaign! Two months to raise more money for the next surgeries and we hope we can count on you!"


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