Newborn conjoined twins successfully separated

The twins are now doing well, doctors said.

Melanie Mahoney Swiss doctors have separated eight-day-old conjoined sisters – the youngest ever successfully separated.

Why it's important to vaccinate on time


Nicole Thomson-Pride My son was born on the 1 July 2014. It's a fabulous birthday, don't you think? Not only does the first of July ring in a new financial year, but it also means we've hit the year's half way mark.

'No jab no play' could hurt disadvantaged children, experts fear

Experts warn 'no jab, no play' laws may hurt disadvantaged children.

Timna Jacks, Education Reporter Tough new "no jab no play" laws could hurt children who have not been immunised due to family dysfunction, poverty, or poor access to medical support, experts warn.

Anti-vaxxers keeping kids' immunisation status a secret

Children who aren't fully immunised can't be enrolled in NSW childcare centres unless they have a specified exemption.

COSIMA MARRINER Parents are sick of having to justify their controversial decision.

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Baby contracts scurvy after drinking only almond milk


Elahe Izadi Doctors diagnosed an 11-month-old baby in Spain with scurvy.

Heartbreaking video of baby Riley's last days

Riley was baptised before passing away at 32 days of age.

LETITIA ROWLANDS They should be planning their baby boy's first birthday celebrations. Instead, they are continuing their campaign to help prevent others going through what they've experienced.

Zuckerberg shows support for vaccinations with photo of baby Max

Mark Zuckerberg, wife Priscilla Chan and baby Max earlier this month.

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has posted photos of himself taking his newborn daughter to get immunisation shots at the doctor's office.

Stranger donates part of her liver to save a toddler's life

Elijah is doing well after his surgery.

Anne Blythe Sarah Ames lives by the philosophy that if you have the ability to help someone, you have the responsibility to try.

What is herd immunity?

Chickenpox and other outbreaks occur for two main reasons.

Nicholas Geard, James Wood and Jodie McVernon When enough unprotected people come together, infections can spread rapidly.

Anti-vaxxer's baby hospitalised with whooping cough

It's understood child protection workers receive relatively few notifications about unvaccinated children.

BIANCA HALL The 11-week old baby of an anti-vaccination activist has been hospitalised with whooping cough, a week after a maternal health nurse told child protection authorities of her concerns about the unvaccinated baby

Vaccine donations for Christmas in memory of baby Riley


LETITIA ROWLANDS Baby Riley Hughes should be about to celebrate his first Christmas surrounded by loving family.

Psychiatric drugs prescribed to infants

Andrew Rios, 4, took the antipsychotic Risperdal when he was 18 months old to treat severe aggression.

Alan Schwarz Many doctors worry that these drugs are used despite no published research into their effectiveness and potential health risks for children so young.


Is my baby's vision developing properly?


CATHERINE RODIE New parents spend an awful lot of time gazing blissfully at the little being they brought into the world. And your brand new baby is gazing straight back at you.

Hearing milestones and what to look out for

By the time your baby is a month old, their hearing will be fully developed.

Assuming that they're not born with a hearing impairment, your baby will be able to hear the soothing lullabies you whisper from day one. As they grow, their hearing will be an important part of their development – even physical milestones such as rolling over, crawling and walking are linked to their hearing.


The top 4 myths about baby teeth, busted

Milk teeth are vital for your child's health and development.

CATHERINE RODIE From when to take your tot to the dentist for the first time, through to the importance of baby teeth, let's separate fact from fiction and bust some baby teeth myths once and for all.

Mum's desperate plea as whooping cough alert issued


LETITIA ROWLANDS A desperate mother has shared a heart-breaking video of her baby struggling to cope with a coughing fit caused by pertussis.

Developmental dysplasia of the hip: what new parents need to know

Jessica's daughter in her Pavlik harness; and after her treatment.

Jessica Bartlett In 80 per cent of cases, DDH spontaneously resolves itself post birth. But for others, like my daughter, a Pavlik harness is needed.

What is in formula?

Global demand for infant formula is being driven by a rapidly growing Chinese population and local safety fears.

Marcus Strom It's been rushed off the shelves at lightning speed. But what makes one brand of formula so popular?

Baby temperature: what's normal, how to treat a fever, and when to see a doctor


JO HARTLEY What's a normal temperature? How can you make your baby more comfortable? When should you see a doctor?

When your baby starts life in NICU

It's difficult not being able to hold your new baby when they are in NICU.

Jule Scherer Our daughters are finally home after spending nearly four weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Wellington hospital.

Better education about SIDS needed as deaths plateau


RACHEL BROWNE The number of sudden and unexpected deaths in infancy has decreased in NSW for the past 15 years but the most recent report into child deaths reveals the decline has plateaued.

Baby born without most of brain says 'Mummy'

'Right from the very beginning, Aaron proved he is a real fighter': Emma and her son today.

Staff writers "Mummy". It was her youngest child's first word, and one Emma Murray thought she would never hear from him.

Parents demand answers after newborn dies from circumcision complications

Ryan Haydari was 22 days old when he had the procedure in 2013.

Staff writers A Canadian couple is furious they have not received answers about why their son died following a circumcision. 

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Second-hand smoke gives kids bad teeth: study


Children who are exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to suffer tooth decay, research suggests.

Beautiful baby Abigail defies doctors' predictions


LETITIA ROWLANDS Baby Abigail Jones stole hearts around the world when her parents shared stunning photographs of their newborn daughter who was not expected to live.

Doctor's 'astonishing error' in baby's treatment

A doctor at Sydney Children's Hospital has been reprimanded for his care of two babies with heart problems.

AMY CORDEROY After colleagues raised concerns, serious errors were found in the care given by a doctor at the Sydney Children's Hospital.

'How a kiss almost killed my baby'

New mum Claire Henderson has warned parents about the dangers of the herpes simplex virus.

Staff writers A mum whose newborn baby was hospitalised for five days has warned about the dangers of letting people kiss newborn babies.

The REAL vaccine risk


Editorial board Misinformation about vaccines has become a stubborn, recurring feature of US presidential campaigns.

Saying goodbye to baby Myla

Micheline Arbuthnot and baby Myla.

Ashleigh Stewart Doctors initially diagnosed Myla with a cold and hoped for a full recovery. Just weeks later, her family is saying goodbye.

Baby with inoperable brain tumour showered with love


LETITIA ROWLANDS Erika and Stephen Jones' hearts were shattered when a 30 week ultrasound showed their unborn baby had a terminal condition.

Early exposure to peanuts recommended for allergy prevention

Smooth peanut butter is a recommended option.

AAP A paediatricians' group is recommending that infants at high risk of peanut allergies be given foods containing peanuts before they turn one.

The little boy with half a heart but a full life

'He's our little Superman': Charlie now.

Mel Ryall Charlie Ryall wears a special badge on his chest. It is a badge of the brave, and he received it from his battles with a congenital heart defect (CHD).

Boy disabled by meningitis after being sent home from hospital twice

William Burton and his mum Wendy.

Ben Heather William Burton's parents trusted the young doctors who claimed their son's sickness was not serious.

Chiropractors 'sneaking' into maternity wards


LETITIA ROWLANDS Chiropractors caught sneaking into hospital maternity wards to treat newborn babies have sparked calls for a Senate inquiry.

Photographer gifts parents a right to delight

Romy features in a  photographic art book celebrating the joys of parenting disabled children.

RACHEL BROWNE When Sam and Rachel Callander lost their baby girl to a rare chromosomal condition, it proved to be the beginning of a wonderful project which has helped the families of other children with disabilities.

My baby's first seizure

Sean at 14 months, not long after his first seizure.

Tara Jeffery It was 1am on a cold winter's night when I woke suddenly to the screams of my 12-month-old son. Our lives were about to change forever.

Heartbreaking moment mum kisses her one-week-old goodbye

Sarah Mariott kissing her son Seb goodbye.

Staff writers At 11.07am on April 2 this year, Sarah Marriott welcomed baby Sebastian into the world.

What a baby with whooping cough sounds like


LETITIA ROWLANDS It's a heartbreaking video that anyone who has ever considered not vaccinating against whooping cough must see.

'Glowing' eye saves baby Mason's life

Baby Mason Page with mum Sarah Bowers.

Taryn Utiger A simple photo taken in front of an evening fire gave new mother Sarah Bowers the power to save her baby's life. 

Young warrior Owen defies doctors' predictions

Staff writers Little Owen DiCandilo's name means "young warrior", and it's a description that perfectly fits the inspiring 18-month-old

Tongue tie: what you need to know


PINKY MCKAY Tongue and lip tie can lead to many problems for babies - and their parents. Here are the signs of tongue tie and how it's treated.

Wet wipes linked to rise in allergic reactions

Up to one in 10 people are allergic to the ingredient, research has found.

Staff writers The government has issued a health warning after a rise in allergic skin reactions has been linked to a preservative found in some wet wipes.

Baby's head shape reveals potentially fatal condition

Matthew before his operation, and while wearing his special helmet afterwards.

LIVIA GAMBLE Thinking her baby just had an unusually shaped head, a mother was shocked to discover it was instead linked to a dangerous condition.

The Australian man whose blood has saved the lives of two million babies

'They're surprised the vein has lasted this long': James Harrison donates blood weekly despite being averse to needles.

Kate Aubusson James Harrison has saved the lives of millions of Australian babies just by donating his blood.

The truth about sick kids and daycare

Sending a sick child to daycare is not the best option.

GREER BERRY If there's one thing that goes hand-in-hand with starting daycare, it's germs, germs, and more germs.

Some premature babies may survive at 22 weeks, study finds

22 weeks

Pam Belluck A new study of thousands of premature births found that a small minority of babies born a week or two before what is now generally considered the point of viability can be treated and survive.

Deaf newborn hears mum's voice for the first time

Elijah Cook hears his mum Ahavah for the first time.

LETITIA ROWLANDS For the first nine weeks of his life Elijah Cook had felt his mother's warmth and enjoyed her loving cuddles. 

Anti-vaccination mum's seven children contract whooping cough

Tara Hills, a former anti-vaccination mother in Canada.

Lenny Bernstein and Rebecca Schatz A Canadian woman who had declined to have her children immunised against pertussis, better known as whooping cough, has changed her position now that all seven of her children have come down with the disease.

You want me to do WHAT to fix my son's eczema?


Josefa Pete My son’s quality of life was definitely consumed by his constant itch, red raw skin and a cycle of skin infections. Then I got a weird suggestion.

A crystal ball for your baby's health


LETITIA ROWLANDS What if your newborn could arrive with blueprint of what their future might hold health-wise? Would you want to read it?

The thorny issue of needles More newborns tipping scales at over 4kg Selfish dummy mummies need consciences pricked Diabetes in spotlight as babies arrive supersized Premature birth 'link' to mental illness Immunisation Register Vaccines and your child Australian vaccination schedule Surgery saves tiny Noah's tummy NICU checklist & advice Advice for new premmie parents Premmie book list Born early: Skye's story Age-old problem afflicts children Cats and bubs


Baby Growth Chart

Check your baby's length and weight for their age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.


Feeding your Baby

From first milk to first solids and beyond

Babies Born Early

The issues facing parents of premmies

Wondersuit heaven: Bonds & Disney launch exclusive collection

Bonds and Disney fans with babies to buy for will be celebrating this news. Bonds and Disney have just released collaboration Wondersuits.

Town welcomes first baby in 28 years

Since the 1980s, the Italian town of Ostana had not seen the birth of a single baby.

Great-great-grandma delivers great grandchild in her own home

''I've delivered calves, lambs, dogs and cats, but nothing like this.'' This 'Super Gran' calmly peeled the amniotic sac over her great-grandson's head before discovering the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck ... twice.

How to start teaching your kids road safety

It's something that can be taught as early as possible and reinforced as they get older and more mobile - even from toddlerhood.

Just announced: Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ Collection update

Meet the brand new understated chic model from Bugaboo.

The emotional moment a mum hears her late son's heartbeat

It's been two and a half years since Heather Clark's seven-month-old son Lukas passed away.

Nine reasons why you have 'brain fog'

One minute your productivity is skyrocketing and the next you're sitting there trying to focus – just like that you draw blank, your brain, mush.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful

Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

Microcephaly still a mysterious condition around the world

For parents, having a child with microcephaly can mean a life of uncertainty.

7 baby firsts you won't see on milestone charts

Here are a few 'other' baby firsts you may not have been expecting, but you'll want to be ready for.

Why it's important to vaccinate on time

My son was born on the 1 July 2014. It's a fabulous birthday, don't you think? Not only does the first of July ring in a new financial year, but it also means we've hit the year's half way mark.

Naturopath treatment allegedly left baby "days from death"

A naturopath whose treatment of a baby boy allegedly led to the infant being severely ill has pleaded not guilty to charges against her. 

Andy Murray's emotional speech to pregnant wife after Australian Open

A teary-eyed Andy Murray promised pregnant wife Kim he'd be on the next plane home after his turbulent two weeks at the Australian Open came to an end.

This toddler and his duck BFF will melt your heart

A small boy in the US has struck up a quacking good friendship with an unlikely companion ... his pet duck. 

Great news for coffee drinkers - caffeine is good for your heart

Researchers have found that, contrary to prior belief, caffeine does not cause health-threatening heart palpitations.

I always wanted children - but I've found other ways to be maternal

I've always been one of the most maternal women I know.

When only one parent wants to know the gender

For some couples you either both want to know the gender of your unborn baby, or you don't. For others, it's not that simple.

'No jab no play' could hurt disadvantaged children, experts fear

Tough new "no jab no play" laws could hurt children who have not been immunised due to family dysfunction, poverty, or poor access to medical support, experts warn.

Zika virus: Airlines offer refunds to pregnant women

Airlines and cruise companies across the world are offering refunds or travel credits to pregnant women who are scheduled to visit countries struck by the devastating Zika virus.

#meditateonthis: Mums fight back against PND ignorance

Not all women will require medication, but many will. And there isn't and shouldn't be any shame in that.

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Penny Wong

'The most hurtful argument in the marriage equality debate'

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is used to to hearing arguments against same-sex marriage. But for Australia's most prominent gay politician, one hurts more than others.

Does exercise have to be fun to work?

Some things in life are inherently served with a big scoop of fun: balloons, bubbles, cupcakes to name but a few, but exercise?

Hair dye gives woman second-degree burns

She wanted a fresh colour for 2016, but instead she got chemical burns.

Kelly Slater saves mum and toddler from 'freak wave'

A Perth family has thanked US surfing "legend" Kelly Slater after the star saved a mother and a young toddler from "a freak wave" in Hawaii.

Apple recalls millions of power adapters

Tech giant instigates massive international recall of power point adapters due to risk of electric shock.

Toddler's adorable alphabet goes viral

It's impossible not to share this little boy's excitement  about the alphabet.

Tot's nighttime waking saves family's life

Like all tired parents, Monique and Kyle Ruppel were looking forward to the day their 15-month-old daughter Celia would start sleeping through the night. 

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

An Australian mum who has shared the ups and downs of carrying quintuplets has welcomed her five babies into the world.

Dad of four girls faints at gender reveal for fifth baby

It was all too much excitement for this dad.

The simple way you can help your baby's language development

The way parents respond to their child's babbling can shape how their infants communicate.


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