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As a parent, you’re naturally concerned about whether your child is receiving the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you give your toddler the right nutrition they need for their age.

Why does my child need age specific nutrition?

Once he or she reaches two years of age, your child is developing rapidly, both physically and mentally. As they grow older, they become highly active; they start running, climbing and walking up and down the stairs, as well as physically growing and developing.

Intellectually, they are starting to learn more than a word a day. They also begin to understand more words than they can say. Their interaction with people and objects increases along with exploration of their world.

At this stage in their life, your child needs the right mix of proteins, fats, iron, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help them develop to their full potential.

What’s the best way to give my child age-appropriate nutrition?

The best way to meet your child’s needs is through a healthy balance of nutritious food in their diet. Nutrients have their own specific function, and all nutrients work together in the body to help collectively provide energy, maintain health and support growth and development.

As part of a balanced diet, Wyeth Nutrition’s S-26 GOLD Toddler milk is a supplemental drink specially formulated with age-appropriate nutrients, designed to help support your child’s growth and development.

How can my child benefit from the nutrients in S-26 GOLD Toddler?


You may worry about whether your child is eating enough nutritious food, especially fruit and vegies. Used as a complement to solid foods, just two servings a day of S-26 GOLD Toddler can help provide your child with valuable nutrition they may be missing in their regular diet.

Along with calcium, S-26 GOLD Toddler contains three other key nutrients to help your toddler’s cognitive, visual and physical development. These are:

1. Omega 3 to help support brain and eye development

Omega 3 is derived from 100% vegetable sources to help support brain and eye development. As essential as it is for normal growth, Omega 3 is not produced by our bodies and can only be derived from dietary sources.

2. Iron to help support growth

Babies who are either breastfed or formula fed have iron stores to last the first six months of life.  After that, an ongoing, dietary source is needed to supply this important mineral necessary for proper nerve, brain, and muscle function and development. Just two serves a day of S-26 GOLD Toddler supplies the 84% of the RDI of iron your growing child needs.

3. Vitamin D to help build strong bones

It is a well-known fact that calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth. But you may not realise that Vitamin D plays another vital role, helping the body to absorb calcium.

Why choose S-26 GOLD Toddler instead of cow’s milk?

Once regarded as a natural part of a toddler’s diet, studies show that cow’s milk is in fact a poor source of iron and other essential nutrients, such as fatty acids and Vitamin C and D. With its combination of iron, vitamins and other essential nutrients, S-26 GOLD Toddler helps to supplement the unique needs of growing toddlers.

Will it give me the convenience I need?

Whether you’re at home or away, S-26 GOLD Toddler comes in a choice of convenient packs. One is easy to prepare at home. Simply mix 5 scoops with 175 ml of water in a glass or shaker. Stir or shake until dissolved and pour into a sip cup.

Or, choose our innovative liquid milk that’s ready made and ready to drink. It’s hygienically sealed and ready to pour into your toddler’s cup. Perfect when you’re on the go or for carers who aren’t familiar with traditional mixing instructions.

How else can I use S-26 GOLD Toddler?

While S-26 GOLD Toddler is a refreshing, nutritious drink, summer or winter, it’s also very versatile. It’s great with cereal or as a substitute for milk in recipes.  It’s also delicious as a fruit smoothie. Try this great recipe - simply add your choice of fruit.

Brilliant Banana Smoothie

Just place 1 banana, 2-4 scoops of S-26 GOLD Toddler powder and 1 cup of cold water (or 1 pack of S-26 GOLD Toddler liquid milk) in a blender, blend well and serve. Or substitute banana with a handful of fresh ripe berries. Yum!

Where can I find it?

Available at supermarkets and pharmacies nationally, S-26 GOLD Toddler has a recommended retail price of $19.95 for a 900g can or $2.25 for a 250ml pack of Liquid Milk.

S-26 GOLD Toddler was developed by Wyeth, an innovator in advanced nutrition around the world for 75 years. For more information about S-26 GOLD Toddler powdered or liquid milk, visit or call our Careline 1800 552 229.