Mum not happy with husband's strange eating habit: 'Weirded me out'

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Having a partner that's a hands-on parent is a lifesaver when it comes to life with a baby. But one new mum wants to know if her husband's interest in everything baby-related has gone a little too far.

The woman, who has a seven-month-old daughter, says her husband is an 'amazing' father and is grateful for everything he does. The only issue she has is his strange eating habits, after she realised he was snacking on the baby's food.

"Due to some complications, I wasn't able to breastfeed her so we have been bottle feeding her with formula since," the woman explained in a Reddit post.

"My husband started working from home after her birth so we basically do everything together now. His favourite thing is making her food, either formula or the purée."

The woman soon started to notice that the powdered formula and puree jars were running out quicker than usual. She discovered that was because her husband liked the taste and sneakily eating them too.

Although she asked him not to eat the baby's food, he claimed it wasn't a big deal because he wasn't eating that much.

"I decided to buy more than the normal weekly quantity anyways," she said, finding the situation slightly annoying but not a huge deal.

However, she then witnessed her husband doing something that she couldn't look past.

"Last week, we started offering our daughter water and we got the special baby water," she explained. "We were having dinner and her sippy cup with the special baby water was on the counter.


"My husband walked past the fridge with our normal water and drank directly from the sippy cup." The horrified mum said her husband's actions "really weirded her out".

"I told him it was unsanitary for him to do that and basically banned him from eating the baby food/ drinking the baby water," she said.

"He's calling me an a--hole and my MIL basically insinuated that I should be grateful that my husband is as involved with our daughter to the point where he wants to eat her food. I feel like I'm going crazy here and this shouldn't be the norm."

Fellow redditers were divided on the topic.

"I'm confused what the issue is here," one user confessed. "My mum and dad made my baby food and ate it all the time? Why wouldn't he eat it?"

"The purée he makes at home is fine to eat, assuming he makes it like my parents did: with just some veggies and stock, like a thicker soup," one user commented. "But drinking the baby's formula? Yo, what?"

Other's agreed that while it was a little strange, it wasn't the worst thing he could do.

"Yeah, it's weird, but why does having an unusual food preference make him an a--hole?" one redditer asked. "OP didn't say anything about it being too expensive for their budget, or him taking the last bottle and letting the baby go hungry or anything."