I am calling child services: Mum trolled online for feeding baby curry

Picture: Instagram/TikTok
Picture: Instagram/TikTok 

One mum on TikTok is learning that when it comes to feeding babies, everyone has an opinion.

From baby-led weaning to purees to appetite self-regulation to family style meals, there can seemingly be as many approaches as there are foods to feed little ones. 

Which is something Graca Walters from New York, who has been sharing the meals she cooks for her daughter Zuri, 13 months on the video-sharing site, has found out the hard way.

While the African and Caribbean style meals bring her closer to her Congolese roots, the videos have attracted some negative attention online.

Many have described the food as unsuitable for a baby, with one commenter even threatening to call child protective services on the mum. 

However as Walters, 31 told Today Parents, she's simply feeding her daughter the food she herself ate growing up. 

"Where I come from we don't have baby food in containers and jars," she said. "I'm giving Zuri what my mother gave me. She likes curry. She likes lamb. She likes Jamaican food, too."

Walters has posted videos with captions of some of the meaner comments, calling her a 'bad mum; and criticising her from everything from feeding Zuri curry to not giving her big enough portion sizes through to asking why her baby isn't vegan. 


In one video, captioned 'cat food?' Walters mixes up what many would consider a fairly innocuous dinner of mince meat, vegetables and pasta, after trolls likened her cooking to the what they'd feed their cats.

"Damn it really looks like cat food. If I was ur (sic) baby I'll learn to run immediately, out of that house," said one.

However many have jumped to the mum's defense, saying they'd be happy to sample her cooking and praising her for feeding her daughter a balanced meal.

"That looks so good – these haters probably have only been fed chicken nuggets and mac n cheese their whole life," said one. 

"If that's cat food then I'm a cat and I wanna try!"

Walters has also called out racist trolls, who have been particularly vicious.

While the proud mum told Today Parents the comments stung at first, she argued there was nothing wrong with the food.

"It hurt my feelings a lot in the beginning," she said, "I'm not doing anything wrong."

In Australia, guidelines recommend infants consume family foods from 12 months with the only restrictions being low fat dairy and non-daury milks such as soy or almond, which are not recommended under two years.