Baby Pip Eats: 26 easy recipes for babies

<i>Baby Pip Eats</i> is out now.
Baby Pip Eats is out now.  Photo: Supplied

I'm quite certain that in my next life I'll be a food stylist. Or at least the person who looks at very lovely pictures of food… is that a job?

Inspired by her first child Pip's introduction to solid food, nutritionist, recipe developer and food stylist Amie Harper has created a delightful cookbook, Baby Pip Eats.



Harper has put together a collection of 26 recipes — one for each letter of the alphabet – and the emphasis is on food that looks interesting and is also nutritious.

The majority of the recipes are simple: for example, avocado puree and eggs-in-a-hole. Each recipe details the age the dish is suitable for (with important information such as 'Eat me from 7 months, once chewing developed'), the vitamins and minerals it delivers, and the serving size (for example, the Broccoli au Gratin serves '1 Baby & Family of 4').

There are a handful of more 'elaborate' recipes – fritters with sweet potato and ricotta; steamed baby zucchini with sautéed garlic and ricotta; and a meaty beef and mushroom ragout – however, the ingredients remain simple and the method straightforward. While there are plenty of old-favourites on Pip's menu (quiche, purees, pasta) there are also some more adventurous ingredients, inlcuding chia seed, soba noodles and tamari. Be prepared for a mini-foodie in the making!


The extra charm of Baby Pip Eats is in the presentation. Fruit toast sea-horses, pumpkin owls, and a variety of textures and colours make Pip's meals interesting, and Harper's beautiful styling will have foodie-parents sighing with satisfaction (I just love those little wooden spoons to bits!).


Baby Pip Eats is available in selected bookshops and online directly from Amie Eats for $29.95.


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