'Unaccustomed to caution': Man worried his 'clumsy' wife will accidentally hurt their baby

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Photo: Getty Images 

We're all guilty of having clumsy moments here and there, but one father is worried his wife may accidentally hurt their newborn.

"My wife is by her own account a complete klutz," he wrote to The Slate's advice column, saying she's always "bumping into, tripping over, or falling on all kinds of things."

"To be honest, with the exception of a few broken family heirlooms, I've always found this to be a bit endearing," he admitted. "But now that we have a small baby, I'm concerned by this clumsiness."

The man said recently his wife "sat down hard" on a nursing pillow the baby had been sleeping on.

"I had picked the baby up, but my wife hadn't even noticed the pillow was there," he wrote. "She's bumped the baby's head a few times while walking past.

"We're both pretty healthy. and I don't have any reason to think there's anything medically wrong with her, but she's unaccustomed to caution."

The advice columnist Carrie Bauer assured the man he shouldn't be too worried.

"Absent mindedly sitting on an empty nursing pillow isn't the same as absent mindedly sitting on your own sleeping infant," she pointed out.

"Her bumping into the baby as you're holding it (if I'm reading you correctly) is a failure of depth perception and a bit clumsy, yes, but not dangerous," she continued.


"I want to reassure you that what you've described doesn't strike me as risky or concerning behaviour."

Bauer said the dad is most likely seeing the world in a new light now he has a 'fragile, defenceless newborn", which would amplify his concerns.  

"It's common to feel fearful about injuries your baby might sustain, even in unlikely scenarios," she wrote.

"(Your wife has) got all the same protective instincts toward your baby as you do, and I bet caution is already on her mind.

"Hang in there. You'll all be OK."