The wonderful world of newborn twins


Congratulations! I'm going to assume that as you are reading this you have either found out that you are going to have twins, or perhaps you have twins that you've prepared earlier.

Or perhaps you are hoping, wishing and praying that you fall pregnant with twins and are one of those studious people that gets lots of knowledge well ahead of time! Whatever your situation is, you and your family have joined a very unique and special club with limited but abundantly supportive members - the twins club.

Having the little tykes in your life is going to change it - obviously - and here are a few pointers to help make those initial few months of discovering each other as bump-free as possible.

Such issues as sleeping, feeding, bums, nappies, baths and establishing a routine will be discussed; with the aim of empowering you and giving you some options about the different ways you can choose to raise your babies.

Nappies, bathing & more
Establishing a routine

Vicki Morris is an author, a teacher and self-taught mother of identical twins Zake and Kaeleb. Her book Double or Nothing! A Guide to Twin Pregnancy is due for release next year. Discuss twins & multiples in the Essential Baby forum.