The truth about baby wipes: they are for EVERYTHING

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock 

With thirteen years under my belt, I'm not new to this parenting game. I'm also not one of those overbearing types who insists on bombarding new parents with their "wisdom".

I believe in letting folks work it out for themselves, guiding them when asked about those baffling babies and turbulent toddlers, while respecting the instinct of the new parents to cater for their own child.

Except when it comes to one thing: you must have a packet of baby wipes wherever you go. Even when your kid is 20 you need baby wipes.

This is years of experience talking here, backed up by several generations of parents who will wholeheartedly agree. Baby wipes can be used for just about anything and it's the hottest piece of knowledge you're yet to learn as a new parent.

In my house they're used for:

  • cleaning shoes, faces and hands
  • car dashboards
  • sticky floor spills
  • doorhandles
  • general dusting
  • walls
  • toilet seats (3 boys here)
  • light switches
  • window sills and window tracks
  • computers screens and keyboards
  • remote controls

There isn't a surface in the house that hasn't been caressed by the loving touch of a baby wipe.

But when I learned the rather astounding array of uses these nifty little cloths have, I realised I wasn't even being that creative with them myself. Here are some rather inventive ways people use baby wipes to clean things:

  • pet ears and human ears
  • dirty necks
  • kids toys
  • as a light, non-bed soaking alternative to a face washer on the forehead of a sick child
  • substitute for face wash and moisturiser
  • remove makeup from clothing
  • cleaning dirty feet before bed while camping
  • microwaves
  • bike wheels
  • moisten envelope seals
  • make up remover
  • cleaning windows
  • restaurant tables
  • leather lounges
  • tanning lotion removal
  • dusting house plants

Concerned about the environment? So are we.


There are hundreds of tutorials around so you can make your own. From solutions with less impact like this one by Joy Ratima, to reusable cloth wipes you can make yourself.

If buying them, my one piece of advice is to get the unscented ones.

That very special smell will remind you of dirty nappies for years to come and you don't want it emanating from your car dash on a hot day.

These babies think they have a monopoly on baby wipes. Well they don't so bam, take that little babies.

Go forth and pop a pack in every room in the house. We know you will.