Is this the most adorable new dad ever?

Facebook: Debias King Lee
Facebook: Debias King Lee 

Nobody likes taking their baby to get their vaccinations, and that first round of shots they get at two months is especially traumatic because as a new parent, you're unprepared.

Of course, we know having our kids immunised is the most effective way to guard against some serious diseases, but to see your child in pain and distressed is horrible.

That's why new dad Antwon Lee's reaction to his baby boy Debias King getting his first round of shots is capturing hearts all over the internet.

Antwon shared a video of Debias's visit to the paediatrician, where the dad gives his tiny son a loving pep talk throughout the entire ordeal.

Before the nurse gives him his first needle, Antwon tells Debias to "stay strong". He tells him that the needles will hurt, but that the little boy just needs to keep looking at his dad, and everything will be okay.

Debias clearly already adores his dad, and stares at him through the entire speech, and as Antwon carries him to the table where he's to lie for his shots.

When the nurse gives Debias his three shots, Antwon loses his cool a little bit – exclaiming along with his crying boy and empathising about how much they must have hurt. It's clear to see that Antwon feels Debias's pain – he may play it up for laughs but it's obvious Antwon doesn't like to see his son hurting.

As soon as the shots were over, Antwon was quick to pick Debias up to give him a cuddle and soothe him with more gentle words. And as most parents who have taken their kids for needles know, the tears stop pretty quickly, and all is right with the world again.


And we all know it hurts us much more than it hurts them.

Antwon told Scary Mommy that he was unprepared for just how popular the video would become on Facebook, but he was glad he shared it.

"People are loving him and I want them all to see him grow up," he said, also sharing that he has created a Facebook page dedicated to his son.

Antwon said his motives for sharing the video weren't just about his son though.

"I want fathers to be in their child's life," he said. "Every father should take care of their child and show up for things like doctors' appointments."

Antwon said for now he is concentrating on being the best father he can be for Debias, sharing that his own father sadly passed away the day he uploaded the video to Facebook. As Antwon grieves the loss of his dad, he says it makes him even more grateful to have Debias in his life.

"I signed up for fatherhood. And thank God that I did."