Digital footprints give new parents extra comfort

The new technology is a welcome relief for parents.
The new technology is a welcome relief for parents. Photo: Shutterstock

Having your newborn mixed up with another baby at hospital is every new parent's nightmare.

But when you give birth at one US hospital there is no chance of that happening thanks to a new high tech identification system.

When you give birth at St.Lukes Hospital your baby gets it's own digital footprint. The Missouri hospital is paving the way in neonatal care by providing the service for new parents.

Certa Scan
Certa Scan Photo: St.Lukes Hospital, Missouri

The newly introduced system called Certa Scan scans a newborn's foot. The digital scanner takes multiple images of the baby's foot to create one image that is then stored in the hospital's security database for identification.

The footprint can be used to identify the child not only when they are a baby, but at any time throughout their life.

"They're calling it the golden standard now," St Luke's nurse Lisa Momphard told KSDK-TV.

"It's a forensic imprint. So, if there's a disaster or if there's an abduction, they'll go ahead and run it through the scan itself with Certa Scan and law enforcement able to make a matchup."

The hospital also takes a scan of the mum's foot and a photo of the baby for extra security.

Kelly and Tim, the parents of newborn girl Paisley, said the new technology was a welcome relief for parents.


"A parent's worse fear is losing your baby or getting kidnapped or natural disaster so it would be great to have this - a big help," Kelly said.

Dad, Tim, said it now raised the question of the security of his older girls.

"If they go missing how would we ever track that other than somebody literally just seeing them in the street and saying 'oh I think I saw that, I recognise that'," he said.

The hospital has confirmed that when children were admitted to the hospital they too would be scanned and put into the system for future identification.