Dad's simple baby soothing hack - and his son's adorable response

 Photo: Getty Images

When this dad's baby wouldn't stop crying he took matters into his own hands. He also recorded what he did to let other people in on the simple hack - and now it's going viral.

To soothe his son, Arshad Ali grabbed one of the baby's mum's shirts and hands it to the bub. The response is almost instant: he goes from crying to calm pretty much immediately.

And then he cuddles the shirt, as he would his mum, and gurgles happily. It's totally gorgeous.

The genius hack worked because babies have a strong sense of smell and when it comes to their own mum they know exactly who she is just by smelling her. They start to smell in utero and it's been shown they can pick the smell of their own mum's amniotic fluid from a few days old.

And not only can they smell breast milk and will move or turn towards the smell, they can also distinguish their mum's milk from another mum from just a couple of weeks old.

Babies love the smell of their mum so giving them something that smells like her really does help – as the dad in the video showed.

Now it's been proved that babies love their mum's smell as much as we love the smell of them.