Blogger’s heartfelt message to new mums everywhere

Lauren Ebersbacher's TimeHop image from five years ago.
Lauren Ebersbacher's TimeHop image from five years ago. Photo: Facebook: @fromblacktoptodirtroad

A mum has penned an emotional letter to first time mums that has struck a chord with women everywhere.

Lauren Eberspacher, the blogger behind From Blacktop to Dirt Road, wrote the emotional Facebook post after she came across a TimeHop photo of herself from five years ago.

In the image, the Nebraskan mum is holding her newborn baby. Although beaming with pride, you can see the tears glistening in her eyes, her fear and exhaustion.

"This photo popped up on my TimeHop this morning and it took my breath away," Eberspacher wrote.

"5 years ago today we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital. I was physically exhausted. Mentally drained. Emotionally done. Hormonally raging. And I was so scared.

"I remember sitting on that couch and once the tears started falling, they didn't stop. As a first time parent, I could hear the lies making their way towards the front of my mind."

She said her internal dialogue was filled with negativity and self-doubt. She felt like a failure, like she wasn't good enough to be a mum. She felt like new mums everywhere.

"Oh how I wish that I could go back 5 years and tell that new mama on the couch how much she was worth; how much she was created to be this baby's mom," she wrote.


"I wish I could go back and tell her that she was more than enough because God had chosen her for something GREAT…something so much greater than herself."

She now has three children and has settled into motherhood mainly through being exposed to whole range of experiences – c-sections, pumping, breastfeeding, colic, vaginal births, quiet babies and loud babies, to name a few.

"But with each one, something remained the same. I was enough for them," she said.

"So wherever you are tonight mama, you are enough for your babies.

"You were made for them, and they were made for you – you are made for something great!"

Esberspacher told Babble that mums were faced with unrealistic expectations that put pressure on them.

"Expectations for yourself, expectations for your husband, even expectations for your baby," she said.

"I thought that because I had studied up on everything labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and newborn that it would go according to plan.

"But each birth and each baby are so uniquely different – nothing is a sure thing."

And that uncertainty can translate into feelings of fear and self-doubt, but Eberspacher has some sage advice.

"If I would have had someone come and sit down on that couch next to me, put their arm around me, and tell me that I was enough exactly as I was, I think that would have made all the difference in the world for me," she said.

"Any time I talk with a new mum, one of the first things I always tell her is that, 'You were made to be your baby's mum. God created you for one another – you were made for this!'

"To be able to reassure new mama that she is exactly who her baby needs is what they need to hear; breastfeeding or formula feeding, vaginal delivery or C-section, cloth diapers or Luvs, co-sleeping or right into the crib, every mum makes the right decision for their baby. And whatever those choices are the perfect one because it's THEIR CHOICE."