10 gross things most mums do (but don't admit to)

Parents quickly become familiar with children's snot.
Parents quickly become familiar with children's snot. Photo: Shutterstock

From time to time all mummas take part in "things" that are less than hygienic when it comes to parenting life. But we do it out of love, right? So that makes it more than okay.

While we're willing to overshare on "poo diaries", sleeping patterns and minute details of daily routines, there are some things we just don't fess up to. Why not?

No shame here. In the spirit of not holding back, here's a list of the gross things we mums do but don't admit to. How many are you guilty of?

1. Licking your child's fingers clean

No wipes? No worries according to many mummas. Although, we don't readily fess up to it, licking a little one's finger's clean when wipes are nowhere to be found it actually quite common.

2. Getting OCD with the snot sucker…

…until you get every last bit out. God bless modern product design. It has brought us fancy, smell-snapping nappy machines and… the snot sucker. Yep, that's right, mums everywhere can at last come to the rescue when a little one has a cold but can't blow their nose themselves. But the plastic device is leading to new OCD heights as mums everywhere can't rest until every. Last. Bit. Of. Snot. Is. Gone.

3. "Showering" with baby wipes

Clean is clean, right? And sometimes you just don't have time to take a shower. So, what's the next best thing? Wipes. Not just good for speed cleaning bathrooms when you have guests coming over, they're also good for speed cleaning mummas who are time poor.


4. Ignoring the yellow cloud in the bath

Speaking of getting clean, or more specifically, baths. If you've spent ages wiping down the tub, filling it up, getting the temp perfect and adding some form of organic-overpriced-bath-bubbles, you're not about to let a little wee spoil the party moments after bub is in the tub. Turns out, most mums just look both ways and carry on.

5. Going out with vomit/pee/spat-up food on your clothes (and sometimes in your hair)

When it's dry it doesn't count, does it? You've managed a shower, to do your make-up and put together an outfit your quite pleased with – and with little people at your feet. With moments to go until you make your way to the car it happens – and you're left with the evidence on your face/hair/clothes. Time to change? You're joking! A quick brush through of the hair, a spray of perfume or a 5-4-3-2-1, it's dry. Ok then, out the door we go.

6. Eating things kids have dropped on the floor

Waste not want not. It's as simple as that.

7. Testing if it's poo or choc

What's that on the floor/my pants/the carpet, you ask? A quick, gentle dip of the pinky into unknown substance and taste and voila, you'll know. Poo or choc. It's a 50/50.

8. Reused an "otherwise clean" nappy

We've all been there. It's bath time and the last nappy change wasn't so long ago. "Oh look, it's still (well, pretty much) clean I'd say…"

Sorry not sorry. Who wants to waste an otherwise clean one? They are so expensive! At least it wasn't a little poop that you removed with a wet-one as it had barely soiled the nappy. *Looks off into the distance trying not to look guilty of the latter*

9. Licked a dropped dummy clean

It happens. Child is crying. Uncontrollably. Dummy goes in and there's peace in the world again. Child drops dummy on floor. Uncontrollable crying gets worse. No cleaning tools in sight. Give dummy a quick lick and good to go. Until kid drops dummy on the floor again.

10. Use spit as soap

It's a perfectly legit cleaning method, correct? After all, it's in "Grandma's 101 Book of How to Get a Kid's Face Clean".