7 genius mum hacks you've (probably) never heard of

Genius mum hacks making motherhood that little be easier, happier and less stressful.
Genius mum hacks making motherhood that little be easier, happier and less stressful.  Photo: Getty.

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If parenting your wee-ones is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, these genius mum hacks will make motherhood that little be easier, happier and less stressful.

Avoid screen time meltdown

Screens can be a godsend, there's no doubt about it. When your mini-me has to wait patiently for the doctor's appointment, when you need to prepare dinner, get ready for work, or are dining at a restaurant (because kids are not genetically predisposed to deal with silver service fanfare and table manners). But of course pressing the "off button" in the middle of Let it Go is only going to result in a tantrum.

Mumhack: Start shows in the middle to cut down tablet time or estimate how long you'll need until it ends. For example, if you know the school run is a 20-minute round-trip by car, set Frozen to the final third.

Prevent bed falls

Being woken by a 2am THUMP is never a good thing — for your little one or mum (who has to calm a crying child).

Mumhack: For toddlers transitioning to a big bed, a bed rail is the safest bet. Can't attach a bed rail? Some mums swear by pool noodles placed between the mattress and under the fitted sheet, to create a barrier and prevent the child rolling out. This can also work for co-sleepers and to prevent falls between bed mattresses and walls.

Skip the 2am wet bed sheet changes

Leaky nappies, sweaty babies and little one's prone to milk regurgitation can mean midnight sheet changes for many parents, which are disruptive to both baby and mum and dad.

Mumhack: Make the bed twice. So, if baby stirs due to wet sheets during the night, you can simply take off the top sheet. Be sure to put a second mattress protector between the two, to avoid leaking right through both sheet sets.

Trim those nails safely

Those teeny tiny digits sure can get fidgety, and for a nervous mummy about to embark on the art of nail trimming, this can have teary consequences, for both parties.


Mumhack: Put baby in a forward-facing carrier for (almost) total control over fingers and toes. Alternatively, if baby can sit up, place them in a rocker or highchair with a book or toy — or any other hypnotic distraction.

Make potty training less messy

Spills and accidents are a necessary part of potty training, but you can lessen the mess.

Mumhack: Line the potty with toilet paper to make the inevitable toilet dumping less sticky and tedious. Or try a soft potty toilet seat. It simply sits (like a suction) on top of your normal toilet seat safely, so toddler learns to go on the 'big toilet'. Just one flush required!

Clean smarter (no elbow grease required)

Bottles, sippy cups and reusable straws attract a whole lot of "sticky"  very easily. But how to unchain yourself from the kitchen sink?

Mumhack: Soak your sticky things in a bowl of water with a few denture tablets for a half hour. You'll remove a lot of the funk factor in a flash.

Find a routine and stick to it

Routine is key when it comes to getting your baby sound and settled – especially at night time. Creating a three-step night time routine consisting of a warm bath, baby massage and quiet time is one great way to keep your baby cosy and comfortable.

Mumhack: Finding the right products that won't irritate your little ones' skin – like Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath – is essential when building your night time routine. Finding a product you actually enjoy using will make sticking to a routine that much easier. 

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