Baby Development

Infants in the first months of life try to avoid dealing with social wrongdoers.

Babies know whether you are naughty or nice

Studies have shown that infants in the first months of life try to avoid dealing with social wrongdoers - for example, sharing less with them and helping them less - and they expect others to, too.

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When your baby starts crawling

Once I overcame the thrill of my baby meeting a new developmental landmark, I realised the practical implications of living with a crawler were not so sparkly.

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Life with a Baby

The way we parent plays a big part in shaping our child's temperament.

How do our stress levels influence our baby?

Since having my second baby a number of people have commented on how placid, content and settled he is and, similarly, many have commented on how this is a reflection of how I am with him.

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Baby Care


Help! My baby will only sleep in my arms

It's stressful to be the one who is holding your baby most of the day, but it's even more stressful to wonder, 'am I doing something wrong? Or am I creating bad habits?'

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The majority of babies born in NSW in 2015 were in Sydney's west and south-west.

Why our family converted to cloth nappies

Having two babies means twice the love and giggles - yes we're having finally giggles in our house - they're the best! But it also means twice the poos and wees.

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Baby Sleep


When babies confuse night and day

If your baby is awake all day it's not helpful for development or night sleep, and will have a big impact on effective feeding

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Baby Food

Baby Health


Surgery for baby born with a tail

A baby born with a tail has had it removed after doctors feared the birth defect might cause long term damage to his lower body.

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Some chiropractors are offering treatments to newborn babies.

Baby chiro banned from treating children

A chiropractor accused of dangerously manipulating a newborn baby's spine in an "eye watering" video that went viral has been temporarily banned from treating children.

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More time is needed to see whether the therapy has cured the disease.

'Designer cells' clear baby's leukaemia

A second baby with aggressive leukaemia has been treated in London with "designer immune cells" and, six months after treatment, she remains in remission, French biotech firm Cellectis announced.

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Education & Play

The baby fell facedown before flipping onto her back.

Baby's water survival video divides viewers

Is it responsible parenting, or is this baby being subjected to unnecessary distress? That's the question dividing viewers of a video showing a six-month-old girl fending for herself in a swimming pool after being enticed to fall into the water.

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Baby's future imagined in cute photo series

A French dad has captured his 3-month-old daughter, June, in a series that shows her in outfits of different professions in order to show the possibilities ahead of her. The dad, Malo, says that he, his wife and a few friends work quickly to avoid tiring the baby out.

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Wengenn in Wonderland

Adorable photo series of sleeping baby

Freelance photographer and mum Sioin Queenie Liao has created an adorable photo series of her sleeping son, Wengenn in Wonderland. Using only household items, Liao dresses Wengenn for the shoot before nap time, then works her magic while he sleeps. Liao has photographed over 1000 scenes of her son; from Tarzan to toy soldier, Wengenn has many adventures up his very cute sleeve.

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