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Is my baby anti-social?

It's normal for young babies to not yet interact with children their own age.

Armin Brott My baby is happy and playful at home, but when he's out in public he seems to have zero interest in interacting with other children.

When your baby starts crawling


KYLIE ORR Once I overcame the thrill of my baby meeting a new developmental landmark, I realised the practical implications of living with a crawler were not so sparkly.

Baby steps: when your little one starts walking


EVELYN LEWIN As a parent there are so many milestones to look forward to. That first smile, first word - and, of course, that first step.

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Tips on decorating nurseries for first-time parents

Animal theme rooms are a great way to decorate a gender-neutral nursery.

Eugenia Lee 9:27am Although parents tend to overspend all that is required are a cot, a change table, and a feeding chair with low arms and a high back.

Mum's thank you letter to cafe shows the power of kindness

Small acts of kindness are appreciated by mum's struggling with PND.

CATHERINE RODIE PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) have shared a heart-warming letter to a café owner, in a Facebook post that has shone a night on the importance of kindness,

When you can't let go of your 'baby stuff'

It can be difficult parting with your favourite baby things.

EVELYN LEWIN Do you still hold on to your 'baby stuff' even though you think your family's finished? Evelyn Lewin explores why we do this, and how to move on.


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Not breastfeeding, not guilty


PINKY MCKAY Guilt is only legitimate if we have let another person down. And nobody can make us feel guilty without our permission.

Mum told to express in pet relief area at airport

Staff writers A woman who flew from Boston to Washington says staff with United Airlines at Washington's Dulles Airport suggested she pump her breast milk in the pet-relief area.


How to prepare for breastfeeding when you're still pregnant


Staff writers While every woman's breastfeeding journey is different, many hurdles are shared. Knowing what to expect will enable you to make informed decisions if - or when - you meet challenges along the way.

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A letter to my baby, an early riser


EVELYN LEWIN Dear daughter: we need to have a word about mornings.

A helping hand: our 'baby whisperer' experience


JO HARTLEY I should imagine that if I had opened the door that day to anyone other than this woman, I would have been embarrassed at the way I looked.

Toddler twins pretend to be asleep to fool mum

The twin girls.

Staff writers They say twins have a unique connection. If this cute clip is anything to go by, these toddler sisters like to use their special bond to try to fool their mother.

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Major retailers further restrict formula sales

Global demand for infant formula is being driven by a rapidly growing Chinese population and local safety fears.

Coles and Woolworths have imposed tighter buying bans on baby formula amid a shortage blamed on Chinese consumers.

Join our campaign: Retailers called on to enforce formula tin limit

There are many brands of infant formula but all those sold in Australia and New Zealand must adhere to the same strict Food Standards guidelines.

LETITIA ROWLANDS It has been described as a crisis and has parents across the country struggling to access the formula needed to feed their babies.

China's Singles Day to blame for baby formula drought

Isabel Wagner, with baby Alberto, was relieved when she secured four tins of Bellamy's.

ESTHER HAN An Australian baby formula company has revealed the cause of an "extreme" baby formula shortage is the world's biggest online shopping event, China's Singles Day.


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The top 4 myths about baby teeth, busted

Milk teeth are vital for your child's health and development.

CATHERINE RODIE Like many other parenting topics, mums and dads get a lot of conflicting advice about their baby's teeth and dental care, so it's easy to see why there are so many myths out there on the subject. From when to take your tot to the dentist for the first time, through to the importance of baby teeth, let's separate fact from fiction and bust some baby teeth myths once and for all.

Mum's desperate plea as whooping cough alert issued


LETITIA ROWLANDS A desperate mother has shared a heart-breaking video of her baby struggling to cope with a coughing fit caused by pertussis.

Developmental dysplasia of the hip: what new parents need to know

Jessica's daughter in her Pavlik harness; and after her treatment.

Jessica Bartlett In 80 per cent of cases, DDH spontaneously resolves itself post birth. But for others, like my daughter, a Pavlik harness is needed.

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How 'parentese' helps develop your baby's language skills


KIM ARLINGTON Baby talk does more than just entertain babies - it helps foster important language skills, too.

Little book lover hates the end of story time

sad baby

Staff writers As any bookworm knows, coming to the end of a really good book can bring on a lot of feelings.

Do you read me, baby?

It's never too early to read to your baby.

Armin Brott Is it too soon to be reading to my two-month-old son? If not, what should I read?

Baby Products

Summer essentials for babies and toddlers

Summer essentials for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 10:55am A safe and happy summer in Australia means a few essential products for babies and toddlers, who we need to take very special care of in the sunshine and heat.

Essential Baby Christmas book guide 2015

Dream Snow by Eric Carle and Little Santa by Jon Agee

Suzi Catchpole 11:45pm Babies love books and they will love this selection of Christmas books written especially for little ones.

Splurge gift picks for babies and toddlers

Are these some the most expensive baby and toddler gifts in the world? the crib would have to top the list at $63,000 AUD.

Suzi Catchpole For the well-heeled and dreamers among us, may we present the very most luxe gifts for babies and toddlers.

Playtime Guide

How to play with your baby


The first time your child learns a new skill at playtime is very exciting - for both you and your baby! Play is important to your child's development for a variety of reasons - here are some simple ideas for you to try at home.

Language and music as play


Kathy Walker Early stimulation equals better brain function and easier acquisition of language skills. Brain studies now more than ever highlight the importance of exposure, practice and stimulation of experiences when children are young.

Encouraging baby's physical development from 0-2


Kathy Walker It seems we give our children less chances to play, to climb, to do some rough and tumble. We are often too careful and don’t give children enough time to practice these skills


Your playtime guide

Tips and advice on playtime with your baby, including game and activity ideas, information on helping your baby develop and learn, and more - specially brought to you by Fisher-Price Play IQ.

Baby Growth Chart

Check your baby's length and weight for their age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.

Your Breastfeeding Diary

This chart will help you keep track of your baby’s feeds and nappies throughout the day and night so you don't have to remember when the last feed was.


Baby's First Year Guide

This monthly guide to your baby's first year covers development, sleeping, baby care, immunisation reminders, feeding and more.


Birth to six months

Congratulations on your new baby! There are lots of useful tips and information to be found here, and it is a great place to ask those questions that crop up through these early months.

Six months to 12 months

First foods, crawling, words. This next six months includes plenty of new things - you will find advice, tips and questions answered in this forum.


Celebrity parents and their kids

Keep up to date with celebrities and their babies and toddlers with our photo gallery, updated regularly. We choose not to publish paparazzi shots of these famous families.

Newborn baby found in a nativity scene

Police are trying to trace a woman who abandoned a baby boy in the manger of a church nativity scene.

Life would be harder without my kids

The Humans of New York Facebook page is well known for sharing touching, real stories from one of the world's biggest cities – and it's just hit the heart of parents everywhere.

Mum dresses as Wonder Woman for last day of chemo

A Brisbane mum dressed up as a superhero to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy and created a moment her family will remember forever.

How a raisin can predict a toddler's IQ

All you need to assess a child's future intelligence is a plastic cup and a raisin, according to new research.

Former Hi-5 member's cannabis hope

Former Hi-5 star Tim Harding hopes a cannabis-derived drug will help control his daughter's epilepsy, which sees the four-year-old suffering between 50 and 100 seizures a day.

The top 5 reasons your toddler throws a tantrum

Whilst to the outside world little people may appear to have it easy, it's actually not always the case – just ask any toddler who's had their toast cut up the wrong way.

Glenn McGrath thought he'd lost his wife and baby

Australian cricket ledged Glen McGrath has spoken about the moment he thought he might lose his wife, Sara and their baby daughter, Madison.


Inside my Centrelink nightmare

Mother Bec Smith has been trying for months to access Centrelink payments. A "serious error" is preventing her.

Warnings over push for hourly childcare billing

Australia's peak childcare body has called for caution around the Turnbull government's push for childcare centres to charge parents by the hour, not by the day.

Cate Blanchett thought about adopting for years

Cate Blanchett says her recent adoption of a baby girl had nothing to do with wanting a daughter after having three sons.

Kate Walsh: 'I can't have kids'

Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh has revealed she is unable to have children because she has experienced early menopause.

The parasite that could boost fertility

The Tsimane women of Bolivia are often revered as among the most fertile in the world - on average having 10 children in their lifetimes -- but some are even more fertile than others.

Family may sue cousin over genetics

A Melbourne couple is suing the Royal Children's Hospital for failing to diagnose a genetic disorder in their first child - an error they allege caused them to have another child with severe disabilities.

Strange things mums have done in labour

While most women in labour focus on the upcoming birth of their baby, some women do more interesting things.

Michael Clarke reveals baby's name

When Michael Clarke said he was wrapped around the finger of his little princess, he wasn't joking.

The logistics of breastfeeding twins

Our life is more or less divided into neat four hour parcels of time and it's hard to get much of anything done in the time between feeds.

How to stop people ruining Christmas

We can make a conscious effort about how we react to those curly Christmas day scenarios that can send us up the wall, or should we say chimney.

Lots of formula offers for desperate mum

The mum who was down to her last three tins of baby formula said she had received hundreds of calls and offers to send her formula.

Surviving breast cancer while pregnant

It was last thing Rebecca O'Donnell expected at 30 weeks' pregnant. One morning, while putting on her bra, she felt a pea-sized lump in her right breast.

Cot sheet brands for the nursery

With so many awesome cot sheet options these days, we thought we'd put together a list of go-to brands for you to seek out for your baby's bed.

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How I survived breast cancer while pregnant

It was last thing Rebecca O'Donnell expected at 30 weeks' pregnant. One morning, while putting on her bra, she felt a pea-sized lump in her right breast.

Grieving father's letter to Bataclan terrorists: "...this little boy will threaten you by being happy and free"

A grieving father whose wife was killed in the attacks on the Bataclan Theatre last weekend has written an open letter to her killers.

5 challenges of motherhood - and how to see them differently

Despite the smiles, the sloppy kisses and the pure magic children bring to our lives, it's hard to deny that motherhood can be tough.

4 challenges of being a new dad - and how to face them

Becoming a parent is challenging – and that applies to both mums and dads.

My battle against antenatal and postnatal depression

I was five months pregnant when I realised I needed help.

Children swapped at birth will not be returned to biological parents

A boy and girl accidentally swapped on the day they were born will stay with the families who have raised them, a South African court has ruled.

A quarter of men believe they get 'man periods'

A British study has revealed one in four men believe they have a monthly cycle.

Baby deposit

How much do you need to save for a 'baby deposit'?

It's fairly straightforward to calculate a house deposit, but how much money do you need to save up for a baby?

Dad's beautiful note to his wife, a nurse

To anyone else it might just look like a picture of a mum having a nap with her toddler.

'I was a complete schmuck': Mike Baird opens up about his wife's postnatal depression

When his wife Kerryn was not well following the birth of their daughter, NSW Premier Mike Baird buried himself in his work.


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