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Colic is very common, affecting about one in five babies.

Does my baby have colic?

Babies who cry excessively are often diagnosed with colic. So what exactly is it and why does it cause so much crying?

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Baby Sleep

Five ways to improve your baby’s sleep cycle

As any parent will testify, sleep can rule your world when you have a new little one, and there will almost certainly be a period when a full night’s rest seems a distant memory.

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How to create a better sleep space for your newborn baby

Safe sleeping for babies can be an anxiety-fraught topic for new parents, but the good news is we know more than ever before about minimising the risks of your little one’s all-important slumber time. These advisable sleeping practices are simple to remember, and can help put your mind to rest during those early days.

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I knew how to be my disabled son's nurse, but I had to learn how to be his mum

No one tells you how gummy the electrodes are on a heart monitor. It's the kind of detail that gets lost when you consider why the monitor is needed in the first place. But they are sticky and strong as leeches, and while they are meant for good, they do not give up easily. I watched my son squirm, a 10-week-old kid who'd never been outside his hospital room, and tried to be both swift and gentle when removing them.

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