Best Baby Carrier: Parents' Choice Awards Winners 2016

Best Baby Carriers: Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, Tula
Best Baby Carriers: Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, Tula 

Baby carriers are routinely named as a 'lifesaver' item for new mums  - for good reason! While prams are great for transporting babies, carriers come in to their own when travelling, doing chores or when baby is unsettled and wants to be close to mum or dad.

Here are the carrier brands our readers love, as voted by Australian parents in this year's Essential Baby Parents' Choice Awards. 



Best Baby Carrier Winner - Ergobaby

Ergobaby carriers are as comfortable for you as they are for your baby. Ergobaby carriers distribute your baby's weight evenly across your hips and shoulders so you can enjoy being close to your baby while having your hands free. Offering front, back and hip positions, Ergobaby is designed to grow with your baby from birth to pre-school age.

RRP: $169 for the Ergobaby original.

What our readers say about Ergobaby:

  • I love that it carries the weight on my hips and is able to be used from a little baby right up to back carrying my 20 mth old to keep my hands free. Even with no core strength left I can carry my Bub and I can't without the support. Diana S. VIC
  • Easy to use, lightweight & easy to pack in a bag, comfortable for wearer & baby. Krystal C. QLD
  • This carrier is my lifeline with a toddler & a 3 month old. 3 month old loves being close & it enables me to spot my toddler & not worry about leaving my 3 month old in the pram alone while I chase after toddler. Peta S. VIC
  • Best carrier ever. I tried several and this one was the only one I stuck with. It's comfortable, used from birth to about 2 years old. My little one loved being in his ergo, close to me but able to look around and move his arms and legs around. Tracey S. QLD
  • Love the 4 positions it can be used in. Very comfortable for both myself and my boy. Worth the money! Tegan S. NSW



Best Baby Carrier Recommended - BabyBjorn

BABYBJÖRN has a range different baby carriers for newborns and children up to three years. The Babybjorn 'One' carrier  features 4-way front and back carrying with front-facing an option for curious bubs. Babybjorn carriers also feature extra-padded shoulder straps and good stability in the waist belt.

RRP: $129 for the Original Classic.

What our readers say about BABYBJÖRN Carriers: 

  • It is amazing! My youngest still fits in the carrier at 9mths which is great when he is being a bit clingy. Tamara L. NSW
  • No fuss no tangle to assemble. Nice and quick to put on and easy to get bub in and out of on my own. Nicole W. NSW
  • My first born really loved it...the only thing that could make him happy and keep him content and I could still enjoy doing what I wanted to do. :) Agnese S. VIC
  • Amazing!!! Fits babies well and for a long time and the support straps for your back are a winner with my bad back after pregnancy this made a world of difference. Amy C. NSW
  • Its supportive and comfortable. Easily fits both me and hubby. Especially easy to take off when going through security at airports. And is so easy to clean. Laura C. VIC



Best Baby Carrier Recommeded - Tula

Tula baby carriers, available in baby and toddler sizes, are made from 100% cotton canvas and quality fabrics and come in a wide range of prints and colours. All Tula carriers can be used in both front and back carry positions are machine washable.

RRP: $199 for the Baby Carrier Standard

What our readers say about Tula carriers:

  • The Tula what's not to love. It's beautiful, easy to use and so comfortable for mums and bubs. Kirra R. SA
  • TULA TULA TULA!! I recommend this day in day out because it is the most comfortable baby carrier I have ever worn! It doesn't give me back ache and comes in beautiful patterns! Jessica C. QLD
  • I have never owned a baby carrier (I discovered them after my third child can you believe it!) and it had been a godsend. No backaches, I can cook, clean, do groceries & Bub is so content in our Tula. Latiesha H. QLD
  • Extremely comfy to wear on front and back and the fact it comes in 2 sizes standard and toddler. The toddler size is great for the 3 year old who can't be bothere walking around the zoo 😂😂  Tara M. SA
  • It can fit any body shape and size. I can easily change it from myself to my husband with no issues. Also great prints! Amy C. VIC

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