Best swaddles and baby sleeping bags: Essential Baby Awards 2015

The Love to Dream swaddle received the most votes in the swaddle/sleeping bag category.
The Love to Dream swaddle received the most votes in the swaddle/sleeping bag category. 

The world of swaddles has undergone a complete revolution in recent years. Parents are no longer struggling to keep a wriggly newborn tightly cocooned in an elaborately folded muslin wrap; these are more likely to be used as pram covers these days.

Now there is a plethora of sack-style, zippered swaddles which make swaddling baby a breeze, keeping them safe while ensuring they can't wriggle out of them.

There are many options on the market, but here are the baby sleeping bags and swaddles parents voted as the best.   

Love to Dream

Our winner has become a household name, with many new parents rushing to buy its innovative, breathable swaddles to keep baby sleeping and safe. 

Hana-Lia Krawchuk, founder of Love To Dream, is the inventor of the three-stage sleep system. Since that time thousands of families all over the world have been getting a better night's sleep, with babies being able to self soothe with access to their hands. (Find out more about the Love to Dream range.)

Read what our members love about Love To Dream swaddles:

  • My baby loved being wrapped but as soon as he started to kick off his wrap I transitioned him into one of these. He slept soundly immediately. Meg D. WA
  • Bub loved having his hands up to self soothe, he felt comforted by being wrapped but not too restricted as he did with other types. Clare F. NSW
  • Great for self soothing, easier than wrapping, easy nappy changes and love the detachable replaceable wings. Elizabeth M. NSW
  • After trying many wraps and swaddles I tried this and have slept all night since! Perfect for the Houdini baby that hates having arms restricted. Julie R. VIC



Baby Sleep bags and swaddles

The innovative GroBag sleeping bag keeps babies covered, and is available in a range of TOGs to suit different climates and seasons of the year. The different patterns and cute images make them real favourites with parents, too. (Find out more about the Grobag range.)

Read what our members love about Grobags:

  • They keep my little guy warm n toasty when he won't keep blankets on. Our winters get to minuses so these are an essential item. Lillian F. VIC
  • Good range of sleeping bags for all yr round zip from the bottom so don't have to take baby out to change. Shawna C. WA
  • These were wonderful through winter and summer in the various weights. Easy to use and to choose the right weight for the season. Alison H. QLD
  • Keeps the child the right temperature all night, especially kids that do 360's. Louise A. SA

Ergobaby Swaddler

Baby Sleep bags and swaddles

Featuring an ergonomic design, the Ergobaby Swaddler ensures babies sleep safe and sound throughout the year, as legs can be left outside the pouch in warmer weather. The 'Healthy Hip Positioner' also keeps hips in an ergonomically correct 'frog-leg' position. (Find out more about the Ergobaby Swaddler range.)

Read what our members love about Ergobaby Swaddler:

  • Easy to use and keeps arms strapped in nice and securely throughout the night for a good sleep. Marian D. VIC
  • Nice and light in tropical conditions. Hard for Bub to get out of. Beth M. QLD
  • Houdini proof - it's hard for baby to unravel from swaddle; easy access for nappy change. Catherine C. NSW
  • The only swaddle that stopped my baby from scratching his eyes and ears and waking himself up. Bronwyn A. VIC


Baby Sleep bags and swaddles

ergoPouch baby sleeping bags, swaddles and pyjamas are all made from pure, natural fibres. The swaddles are simple to use, and the ergoPouch baby sleep bags are great for keeping baby covered and warm. The entire range proved very popular with our voters and receives a 'highly recommended' mention. (Find out more about the ergoPouch range.) ​

Read what our members love about ergoPouch:

  • Easy to use, versatile and puts my beautiful boy straight to sleep, very lightweight but stretches enough so baby doesn't feel too restrained. Amelia W. VIC
  • Bub loves feeling snug with arms wrapped tight close to them. the zip up ergo cocoon did this. simple to use and love the snaps at the shoulders for when the time comes to transition with arms out . Laura M. NSW
  • Soft, smooth fabric to the touch. Clips to let baby's arms out when required. Cute patterns. Reasonable price. Zanthia K. SA
  • Such beautiful material that breathes! washes really nicely! and able to take baby's arms out once they are ready! Nicole H. VIC

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