Why men need to shape up for pregnancy too

Paula Goodyer 8:09am What does a would-be father's waistline have to do with the health of his future children?  


Is the latest advice on women and drinking over the top?

EVELYN LEWIN While most expectant mums know to stop drinking when they’re pregnant, experts now warn women should stop drinking earlier than that. Is this necessary?


When your partner misses the birth

2:28pm While no one wants their partner to miss their baby’s birth, it can happen. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful


Jo DuMond Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

What pregnant women around the world pack in their hospital bag

Couple serves up placenta pizza to celebrate birth

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

Police help deliver baby on busy roadside


Personalised baby gifts

12:43pm We've scoured the internet to find gorgeous personalised keepsakes and nursery decor to record baby name and dates. They make great gifts for christenings, name days and birthdays! (All prices in AU.)

Geeky baby gear


12:43pm If your family is more into Star Wars, Dr. Who, gaming and the periodic table than most, you might want to check out these geek-chic baby items.


Designer baby clothes

Weird baby products

Traditional toys beat gadgets in language development

Childcare changes too confusing for parents: Mission Australia


If toddlers texted or had Facebook

12:51pm Take a look at what toddlers would say if they could text or use social media. #hilarious!

Fun Easter gifts for babies and toddlers


From keepsake items to decorative decor, arts and crafts and books galore, here's a great selection of non-chocolate Easter presents for baby, toddler and you.

'Subsidised' nannies to cost $30 an hour

Grandparents call for childcare pay

Toilet training products

Pretend play ideas


20 movies you shouldn't watch while pregnant

12:10pm From vampire babies to the Devil incarnate, pregnant men to crazed abductors, here are some movies you probably don't want to watch while pregnant.

Bacchus Marsh doctor breaks his silence

Australia's organ donation rate lags behind that of 21 other nations.

JULIA MEDEW 10:04am The doctor at the centre of the baby death scandal at Bacchus Marsh Hospital has broken his silence, defending himself and other doctors who worked for him during a series of "catastrophic" failures.

Famous kids' books re-enacted by babies

Rose Byrne welcomes baby boy

Who's the mum? Family photo goes viral

Woman to go on trial for being a bad housewife


5 easy meditation practices for beginners

NEDAHL STELIO So who's with me? You know meditating is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself.

How household chores can double as a workout

You might as well get a workout while doing household chores.

Pamela McIntosh If there's less than a slim chance you'll find time to get out for a jog or to hit the gym today, take heart in knowing that household chores contribute to the calorie equation.

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