Stop freaking out about having babies in your early 30s

Jenna Healey Surprisingly little is known about the exact decline of fertility with age, as there is no magic age limit for pregnancy that applies to all women.

The myths and truths of gender swaying

Can you really influence your baby's gender at conception?

Brooke Tasovac Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about whether they really work.

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Long-term reversible male contraceptive on its way

20 years of heartache, then, at last, a baby

An infertility issue that is little understood

'My mother chose not to hold or see me after I was born'


6 awesome pregnancy and baby announcements of 2014

Melanie Mahoney Many parents are choosing to share their pregnancy and birth news with clever, creative videos - here are some we loved in 2014.

When pregnancy makes you sad

More than 1900 expecting and new parents are estimated to be struggling with perinatal depression each week.

JO HARTLEY Over 1900 expecting and new parents are estimated to be struggling with perinatal or antenatal depression each week - and we need to talk about it more.


Study links pollution exposure to autism

Pregnant women warned about non-medical ultrasounds

The dangerous new trend of glucose challenge test refusal

America's favourite baby names of 2014


"Miracle" quads arrive in time for new year

LETITIA ROWLANDS 11:35am A set of quadruplets, whose conception was labelled as one in 70 million, has been born via caesarean section after the babies' mother went into labour at 29 weeks.



Life with the Harp Quad Squad

Kelly Ardis "When I get really tired, instead of being sad about being tired, I just think, 'I'm so happy they're healthy.' It gets me through the exhaustion."

Baby Imogen to celebrate Christmas in spite of chemo

Imogen Holden will be spending her first Christmas receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Cate Broughton Ten-month-old Imogen is about to begin her fourth round of chemotherapy, but her family is determined to celebrate Christmas.


Your motherhood mixtape

Do babies need Christmas presents?

Moving #illridewithyou song performed in Martin Place

Remembering lost children at Christmas


Preventing childhood falls

7:50am Kids who get hurt in falls from furniture often live in homes without safety gates or weren't taught rules about climbing in the house, a new study found.


Victoria to make raw milk undrinkable

Melissa Laria 11:05am Raw milk products produced in Victoria will have to be treated or laced with a bitter taste to stop humans drinking it.



The abuse we don't talk about: pregnancy-controlling behaviour

Kate Marsh The issue of reproductive coercion and sexual assault in abusive relationships remains shrouded in darkness.

Healing a family rift before Christmas

HEAL THE RIFT: Unresolved tension can overshadow Christmas.

Aileen Nakhle Christmas is a time to share with those we cherish most. But festivities and family are not always an easy pairing.


Top reasons for your weight loss battle

Australian divorce rate lowest since 1976

Attack of the 'mummy brain'

The disagreement that can break a relationship