Dad orders surrogate mother to abort baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS A man who is paying a surrogate mother to carry his child has demanded the woman abort a baby, or face financial ruin, after learning she is pregnant with triplets.

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The baby name that got away: do you ever get over it?

Suzi Catchpole 2:55pm It might just the one name that got away, or maybe it's a whole list. Do you have a baby name you need to get over never using?

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The moment Glenn McGrath thought he'd lost his wife and baby

CATHERINE RODIE Australian cricket ledged Glen McGrath has spoken about the moment he thought he might lose his wife, Sara and their baby daughter, Madison.


Summer essentials for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 10:55am A safe and happy summer in Australia means a few essential products for babies and toddlers, who we need to take very special care of in the sunshine and heat.


9 things my toddler does that I'm no longer apologising for

Sharday Stirton 11:15am Lately I'm finding myself apologising all the time. I'm saying sorry time and time again for things that my daughter has done, that I feel do not need to be apologised for.


Samsung's fix slammed as 'deficient'

ESTHER HAN 9:24am The "plastic bag and tape" fix applied to at least 63,300 faulty Samsung washing machines has been slammed by an expert as "deficient".

Blogger Zoe Stavri makes sourdough bread from her yeast infection


Colleen Simpson with staff writers 8:46pm A bout of thrush is usually as welcome as unexpected visits from the in-laws but when feminist blogger Zoe Stavri developed an itch she decided to put those naughty bacteria to good use - as a rising agent for sourdough bread.

Woman faces abuse for not wanting children

Mother who left baby in nativity scene found

The Katering Show: The buns are out of the oven

Newborn baby found in a nativity scene


How to cope when you switch to one income

MARK BOURIS 11:53am What happens when your household goes from two incomes to one? This could be because you are having children, taking time off to study, dealing with medical issues or you've been retrenched.

Call Me Dad

What happens when violent men try to change?

Call Me Dad follows a group of men through a behaviour change program for family violence perpetrators who want to change.

Sophie Wiesner 'Call Me Dad' director Sophie Wiesner wants Australia to start a brave conversation with (and about) those who perpetrate abuse.

A love letter to my mother's group

Mother lived under her house to avoid abusive husband

Life would be harder without my kids

Mum dresses as Wonder Woman for last day of chemo