Adopting a child in or out of Australia is far from simple

JUDITH IRELAND Australians have wildly different experiences on their journeys to adopting children.


The 2015 flu vaccine: what’s new, who should get it and why

Aeron Hurt For certain members of the community, catching flu can lead to severe illness or death. A vaccination can be lifesaving.

4D scans show how smoking affects babies still in the womb

A baby being affected by cigarette smoke (above) and a baby of a non-smoker (below).

Sarah Knapton The harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy on unborn babies may be seen in tiny movements in their faces using 4D ultrasound scans, research has found.

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How midwives can help women who experience domestic violence

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We need to stop using this word when we talk about childbirth

Kim Lock Is it shaming to point out that women are often being let down in birth?


For once I agree with Katie Hopkins: breastfeeding doesn’t make you a better mum

CATHERINE RODIE Given my immense dislike of Hopkins and her opinions, I was genuinely shocked to discover that last week she actually said something that I agreed with.



Dealing with a nappy escape artist

MATT CALMAN I hear about the tots that have a penchant for ripping their nappies off and the odd one that even smears the brown stuff on the walls and fine home furnishings, and I shudder.


Grieving families give warnings after toddler deaths

Staff writers Two Queensland families are grieving the loss of their toddler sons after the boys drowned in separate incidents last week.


The certificate helping parents deal with pregnancy loss

JO HARTLEY For some people, this certificate will offer a sense of validation that their child was acknowledged as being here and now gone, and will help them with life post-loss.