Sofia Vergara speaks out over embryo custody battle with ex-boyfriend

Michael Thurston 9:39am TV star Sofia Vergara has broken her silence about a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend over frozen embryos they conceived while still a couple, in a case raising thorny ethical questions.


The women who desperately need more support in pregnancy

CATHERINE RODIE For women suffering from chronic morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum, pregnancy can be the roller coaster from hell.

An extra surprising gender reveal party

Happy surprise: Desiree and Ryan Fortin.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Gender reveal parties always involve a surprise, but guests at one US couple's celebration got more exciting news than they expected.

Baby names: top movers of 2014

Australia's top baby names of 2014

Pregnant women advised to avoid organic and UHT milk

Overdue and over it


The truth behind Kate Middleton's post-baby glow

AMBER ROBINSON My memory of being 10-hours post-birth is a frozen pad in my knickers for the pain and stitching, puffy ankles, a crying baby and exhaustion veering on delirium. Not so for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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How to set up the perfect nursery for your baby

JO HARTLEY You'll soon be meeting your baby, but you've got one big task to get done first: setting up a comfy, calming nursery you'll both be able to enjoy.

Forget booties - now babies can wear high heels

Some of the shoes for sale.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Remember the days when news of a pregnancy meant grandmas and great aunts would be busy knitting booties for the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy? Well, forget them.

The cots that give parents one last cuddle with their babies

Baby-led weaning worked for us

Parenting an early walker

Rare condition diagnosed during optional scan


Toddler styling

Seven things my toddler taught me about my home

Elicia Murray My standards at home were never that high but having a two-year-old has taught me to be cool with chaos.

'We're not doing this to be trendy': life with a child with allergies


Karen Prisco Please don't look badly on my child if they cry when I tell them they can't eat the birthday cake. Don't look at me condescendingly and say, "A little bit won't hurt".


Daycare naps linked to worse sleep

As a guilty mum: the best advice for treating head lice

Does it matter how much time you spend with your children?

My life as the mum of twins


Women compete on game show while in labour

Neil Genzlinger 11:21am "Labor Games" may be simultaneously the most brilliant and the most head-shaking game-show idea ever.


Mum's grief for triplets inspires change

TOM DECENT The death of Sophie Smith's triplet baby boys has motivated the half-marathon mother and her team to raise $1.25 million for charity.