Fertility clinic offers egg donors $5000

Craig Butt, Health Reporter A national chain of fertility clinics is offering egg donors a $5000 payment to cover their expenses, a first for Australia which is raising concerns the money could act as an inducement.


Vintage baby names having a comeback

Linda Rosenkrantz 3:07pm What makes some names have comebacks while others silently fade into oblivion? A few factors come into play.

Pregnant women need good nutrition advice, not judgment


Karen Charlton and Catherine Lucas Pregnant women are under pressure to do all the "right things" to have a healthy child. It results in women feeling judged about their decisions.

Should pregnant women be allowed to use 'parent and child' car parking spots?

How pregnancy probiotics can help you and your baby

Jammy, Hula Hoop, Rage: Reddit reveals most unusual baby names

What, exactly, is a placenta?


Five posterior babies, four home births

Sarah Dennis I was on a high. I'd done it all by myself with no help from anyone.


When your partner doesn't want you to breastfeed

Heidi van Dort 1:31pm Dads can have many reasons for not wanting their partners to breastfeed their baby, but both parents should learn more about it before making a final decision.


Expectations vs the reality of making a toddler's clothes

Amanda Hooton Note to self: less sewing, more life. Not the party dress, but the party. The toddler, as usual, has it all figured out.


Kids prove every mum is unique in sweet new ad

LETITIA ROWLANDS 3:46pm  All mothers love and care for their children but, despite their similarities, no two mums are the same.


Overcoming the utter grief of losing your mother

EMMA MACDONALD Leigh Van Der Horst thought she may never recover from her loss. Instead, she reached out to motherless mothers across the world to heal her sorrow.