Dad orders surrogate mother to abort baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS 7:34am A man who is paying a surrogate mother to carry his child has demanded the woman abort a baby, or face financial ruin, after learning she is pregnant with triplets.



How I survived breast cancer while pregnant

JULIA MEDEW It was last thing Rebecca O'Donnell expected at 30 weeks' pregnant. One morning, while putting on her bra, she felt a pea-sized lump in her right breast.


The moment Glenn McGrath thought he'd lost his wife and baby

CATHERINE RODIE Australian cricket ledged Glen McGrath has spoken about the moment he thought he might lose his wife, Sara and their baby daughter, Madison.


Summer essentials for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 10:55am A safe and happy summer in Australia means a few essential products for babies and toddlers, who we need to take very special care of in the sunshine and heat.


Does my toddler have OCD?

CATHERINE RODIE 3:26pm Toddlers can be funny little creatures and sometimes they do weird things. For the most part, it is just normal toddler behaviour and we all get a giggle out of it. But when is a toddler's obsessive behaviour a sign of something more serious?


The top 5 reasons your toddler throws a tantrum

Just looking at your toddler the wrong way is sometimes enough to spark a meltdown.

JO HARTLEY Whilst to the outside world little people may appear to have it easy, it's actually not always the case – just ask any toddler who's had their toast cut up the wrong way.

Former Hi-5 member hopes cannabis drug will save his daughter

How a raisin can predict your toddler's future academic success

Clothes for twinning with your kid

The joy and dread of playdates


Newborn baby found in a nativity scene

1:02pm Police are trying to trace a woman who abandoned a baby boy in the manger of a church nativity scene.


Mother lived under her house to avoid abusive husband

Helen Gregory 1:16pm A woman hid under her house for 18 months, enduring spiders and cockroaches, to escape her abusive husband.

Life would be harder without my kids

Parenting is hard work, but it is also rewarding.

MEGAN BLANDFORD 3:26pm The Humans of New York Facebook page is well known for sharing touching, real stories from one of the world's biggest cities – and it's just hit the heart of parents everywhere.


Mum dresses as Wonder Woman for last day of chemo

Sarah Ferguson tackles the domestic violence epidemic in Hitting Home

Couples who have sex once a week are happiest

A quarter of men believe they get 'man periods'