Fertility clinic offers egg donors $5000

Craig Butt, Health Reporter A national chain of fertility clinics is offering egg donors a $5000 payment to cover their expenses, a first for Australia which is raising concerns the money could act as an inducement.


Pregnant women need good nutrition advice, not judgment

Karen Charlton and Catherine Lucas Pregnant women are under pressure to do all the "right things" to have a healthy child. It results in women feeling judged about their decisions.


Five posterior babies, four home births

Sarah Dennis 3:21pm I was on a high. I'd done it all by myself with no help from anyone.


Exhaustion is not the same as tiredness

Evelyn Lewin 11:24am Having a new baby isn't tiring - it can be downright exhausting.


Expectations vs the reality of making a toddler's clothes

Amanda Hooton Note to self: less sewing, more life. Not the party dress, but the party. The toddler, as usual, has it all figured out.


When your child wants you to have another baby

CATHERINE RODIE Giving your child a sibling when you don't want to have another baby can be a complex issue.

I'll admit it: I have last child parenting fatigue


KYLIE ORR If you're a new mum and feeling ignored by the older mum/the old hand/the has-been, please know, it's not you, it's me. Blame the last child parenting fatigue.

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