Surrogacy baby abandoned by Australian parents

LINDSAY MURDOCH 11:25am Thailand's surrogacy industry has been thrown into the spotlight by the tragic case of six-month-old baby Gammy, whose Australian parents refused to take him after they discovered he had Down syndrome.


Meditation for fertility: one woman's story

Can meditation help a woman trying to conceive?

Melody McCabe When a couple is desperate to become parents but are faced with disappointment month after month, anything which might help them is welcome. But can meditation really assist with fertility?

IVF costs slashed at new clinic

Photographer captures the beauty of adoption

Who will Australia's new adoption process really help?

A family's journey from heartbreak to sheer joy


Boy oh boy, it's a girl

This mum regrets sharing the news of her baby's gender so soon and enthusiastically.



Special delivery: mum gives birth in Coles

Melanie Mahoney It hadn’t been on her shopping list, but one mum returned home from her trip to Coles with a very special item: a baby.

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What you need to know about inductions

baby iv

JODI GIBSON One in four women face being induced to bring on labour. There are many reasons for it, and a few ways to make it happen, but it's always best to ask your doctor lots of questions before going ahead with an induction.

Labour pain relief may reduce risk of postnatal depression: study

How to use birth pools safely

Woman crucified on Facebook for 'boasting' about natural birth

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns


The hunt for the perfect nappy bag

GREER BERRY One of the things I've had a few friends bring up is the idea of investing in a decent nappy bag. But the question is: what's best?


Shifting focus: seeing our babies from another perspective

tree mum

Sarah Wayland We often find that by living by ‘shoulds’ we set ourselves up to fail. So how can learning more about our children’s developmental stages change the way we approach parenting?


Premmie babies: taking it one day at a time

Your baby's first trip to the dentist

New surgery making life easier for sick babies

Aussie babies thriving after pioneering surgery


How a comforter or transitional object helps your toddler

JO HARTLEY At times of confusion or overwhelming feelings, special objects such as favourite blankets and cuddly toys can be a great help to young kids.



'Let's celebrate the success of other mums': Rebecca Judd

Letitia Rowlands WAG, mum-of-two and television host Rebecca Judd has hit back at claims mums should stop talking about their drug-free births or breastfeeding success, saying all mums deserve to be celebrated.



Endometriosis sufferers need more than a 'harden up pill'

Kate Hegarty From the time I hit puberty I was suffering severe, intolerable pain. I would vomit, faint, cry. It didn't matter what I took, nothing would get rid of this pain.

Motherhood doesn't turn us into saints

mum baby

Bryony Gordon Motherhood is hard because there is an assumption that it will instantly take away all your demons, and then it doesn't - and the guilt is endless

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Dita Von Teese creates lingerie range for new mums

Should new mums be given a supply of the morning after pill?

I'm a mum, and I'm fighting cancer

When you're under pressure to have a baby