The Chinese parents who give their babies away online

Lavinia Mo In China, expectant couples who are unwilling or unable to keep their children go to a special website to adopt their babies out, rather than aborting or abandoning them.


'My mother-in-law found out our baby's gender behind our backs'

Emily Yoffe My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know our baby's sex before the birth, but his mother couldn't handle that.

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Aspirin advised for women at high risk of pre-eclampsia

blood pressure pregnancy

Catherine Saint Louis Pregnant women who are at high risk of developing pre-eclampsia should take low-dose aspirin daily, an influential US government panel said Monday.

Pregnancy essentials for the second and third trimesters

Most popular baby names for 2013: Tasmania

Most popular baby names for 2013: Western Australia

Most popular baby names for 2013: New South Wales


Why I loved my third home water birth

Shylah Huisman After two water births at home, I was determined to give birth to my son the same way. I just hoped this birth would be quicker than my last two.

What you need for the 'fourth trimester'

new baby

Natalie Feulner In my opinion, the first three months after the birth are the most intense. Here's what got me through that time after welcoming my baby.

Mum's the word when it comes to baby news

Birth photos: Birth photos on the rise

New drug to replace pethidine as birth pain relief

Would you pop a placenta pill?


New Kate Spade baby bag designs

Babyology Don’t adjust your screen: this bright beauty is coming to you in full colour.

Experts concerned over whooping cough mutation

girl vaccine

LUCY CARROLL A study has found that the bacteria that causes whooping cough has mutated, making it more important than ever before that babies are immunised to help prevent exposure from those whose vaccines have worn off.

Weaning a toddler off a dummy: a 15-day plan

Siblings and best of friends

Dear parents: you are being lied to about vaccines

Father wins right to vaccinate his children

Top baby buys from Big W


Man charged over alleged abduction of girl in Childers

SIMON O'BRIEN 8:21am A man has been charged over the alleged abduction of a child from Childers in South East Queensland.

Being Dad

Stay-at-home dad tries, fails to crowdfund a salary

Kasey Edwards Imagine launching a crowdfunding campaign to ask strangers to pay you an income for parenting. That was one dad's grand plan - but it didn't go quite as planned.


To my girls on their first birthday


You don’t know is how the past year has affected me as a person. You don’t know how I’ve changed, and how my perspectives have been completely displaced and realigned. This is comforting to me – I want you to know me for who I am now.


The rise of the vasectomy party

A great dad, but not a super hero

Couvade syndrome: when dads have pregnancy pains too

Dad and daughter's loving tribute in mum's memory


Parents warned about posting kids' photos online

RACHEL BROWNE Parents could be putting their kids at risk by posting images and information online which give away personal details, such as where they go to school and which parks they frequent.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

ear pierced baby

JO HARTLEY What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

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It's the world's toughest job, but billions are already doing it

Coming to terms with my 'mummy uniform'

Sex abuse 'culture of shut up' has to go

'I Touch Myself': Chrissy's breast cancer legacy lives on