IVF treatment: South African agency flies egg donors to Australia

MARIKA DOBBIN 9:55am Young South African women are due to arrive in Australia this month to serve as egg donors for local IVF patients who are desperate for babies.

Our baby joy took a decade, cost $200,000 and involved three countries

Norbert Herrmann and Suzanne Pattison with their 21-month-old daughter Elke.

MARIKA DOBBIN 9:20am Suzanne Pattison would often see women playing with their kids in the park and long for that kind of love in her life and, after a decade of waiting, now she has it.


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Dad-to-be poses for pregnancy photo shoot

4:04pm "My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place," Redditor DruishPrincess69 wrote when he shared these photos online. The 'manternity' shoot has since gone viral, and has been shared thousands of times all over the world.



When your partner misses the birth

While no one wants their partner to miss their baby’s birth, it can happen. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful


Jo DuMond Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

What pregnant women around the world pack in their hospital bag

Couple serves up placenta pizza to celebrate birth

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

Police help deliver baby on busy roadside


Let's celebrate: Valentine's Day clothing & accessories for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 3:15am It's that time of year again and we've found all the cutest clothing and accessories for your Valentine's babies and toddlers.


Smiling newborn babies

Sandi Ford

1:32pm These gorgeous photos are by Sandi Ford, who specialises in capturing newborns smiling. "I have learned to recognise the little signs that a baby is about to let out a smile and I sit there ready with the camera to catch it!" she says. "I once read that there are two types of people in this world – those that see a newborn smile as wind, and those that don't. I see it as a rare treat that I am lucky enough to capture."

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Dad creates custom eyepatches for baby

1:55pm Illinois dad Geof Grubb has shared the decorated eyepatches he's made for his daughter, Layla. The one-year-old has a small cataract and needs to wear an eyepatch to strengthen her eye.

The best baby photobombs


12:18pm Sure, babies and kids are cute - but when they photobomb, they're hilarious. Here are some of the best shots of children stealing the spotlight.

Mother hits out at Big W for 'sexualising' young girls

Spaghetti Toes: Life with a toddler

If toddlers texted or had Facebook

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Amazing themed wedding cakes

2:01pm When a couple shares a love of games, comics, movies, TV shows, or a niche hobby, wonderful things can happen - like these fantastically themed wedding cakes.


Top 10 famous dads of the internet

Dads who win the internet

1:58pm From the father who wore a skirt in solidarity with his son, to the military dad who surprised his daughter at a spelling bee contest: here are our favourite internet-famous dads. (via Daily Life)

Doritos 'ultrasound' ad sparks controversy

Illustrator turns family photos into adorable characters

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5 easy meditation practices for beginners

NEDAHL STELIO So who's with me? You know meditating is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself.

How household chores can double as a workout

You might as well get a workout while doing household chores.

Pamela McIntosh If there's less than a slim chance you'll find time to get out for a jog or to hit the gym today, take heart in knowing that household chores contribute to the calorie equation.

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