Devastated widow discovers she's pregnant the day before husband's funeral

LETITIA ROWLANDS They had been trying to conceive a baby for seven years. Tragically Kristy Kirchner found out she was pregnant the day before her husband Royce's funeral.

Government must set state adoption targets, Barnardos Australia says


RACHEL BROWNE Australia's leading child abuse charity is calling on the federal government to introduce targets to encourage the adoption of children from foster care.

I paid $50,000 to have a girl

Crowdfunding for a baby

Why dads-to-be should quit smoking, too

The mum who fell in love with her sperm donor


It's possible to workout while pregnant

Jamie Hancock Medical experts say intense fitness routines can be done safely during pregnancy - if the mums-to-be follow some guidelines.

When your pregnancy causes a relationship rift

couple pregnancy

JO HARTLEY Some dads-to-be don't miss a beat when their partner is pregnant; others struggle with a range of issues and can become withdrawn, right when their support is needed most.

Couple uses group photo trick to announce pregnancy to loved ones

Is it too late to change my midwife?

Pregnant and fighting cancer, but not giving up

20 baby names that are becoming more popular every year


Mum and daughter have babies on same day

MELANIE MAHONEY "It's not really something you ever want or think could happen. To have my mum going through it with me is probably the most special, amazing thing ever.”

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Reliving the birth experience

Everyone's birth story is unique.

GREER BERRY When people ask about how my labour went, I usually respond: "Good, I think? Four hours long, and yeah it hurt, but I dunno, it's labour, it's giving birth, it's painful... but I guess it was good? As good as good gets?"

Lauren gives the ultimate gift despite her own personal loss

Preparing your child to attend a sibling's birth

Premmie guidelines are under review

Woman's survival after birth 'a story of two miracles'


'We're just trying to keep our child alive': life with FPIES

Anonymous 5:15pm We have a beautiful seven-month-old son, and his allergy rules our life.

Baby monitor footage posted online

Security breach ... An image taken from a webcam in a Sydney home shows a baby sleeping.

Letitia Rowlands and Nick Miller 2:16pm Footage of Australian babies and children sleeping in their bedrooms are among the images on a Russian site showing live feeds from thousands of homes and businesses around the world.

Why we should stop telling new parents to 'enjoy every moment'

Teacher under fire for breastfeeding in class

'I had a feeling something was seriously wrong': the fight for Kaden's diagnosis

Your new motherhood survival kit


Did this new dad really hit on his wife's midwife?

Melanie Mahoney 1:27pm Was there really a man who was actually there by his wife’s side as she laboured and gave birth to his child, all while he was making what he perceived to be meaningful eye contact with a midwife?


What Mark Latham needs to know about depression and motherhood

Reform: Mark Latham.

AMBER ROBINSON 11:37am In a bizarre bid for relevancy, Former Opposition leader Mark Latham has deduced that because one female journalist had this week light-heartedly thanked antidepressants and caffeine for getting her through a medical degree while raising two small children, that ergo, all 'inner-city feminists' are selfish harridans who despise their offspring.

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Couple face $1 million medical bill and bankruptcy after babymoon birth

Video: Baby sniffs beardless dad to make sure it's him

Baby for Asher Keddie and Vincent Fantauzzo

Why Tracey Spicer has given up make-up


It's okay to never 'get over' the death of a loved one

Zoë Krupka The death of children, siblings, and parents has long term impacts on the rest of our lives.