The myths and truths of gender swaying

Brooke Tasovac Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about whether they really work.

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The dangerous new trend of glucose challenge test refusal

Stacey Gladman A dangerous trend is seeing more mothers-to-be declining a relatively simple and painless test to check for gestational diabetes.

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Baby born at 10:11 on 12-13-14

11:31am Well, it's actually 13-12-14 to us over here. But still, Clare Elizabeth Keane's consecutive numerical birth time is pretty special.


The aftermath of a traumatic birth experience

Up to 30 per cent of mums say their birth experience was traumatic.

Nicole Thomson-Pride In Australia, 30 per cent of women find their birth experience traumatic, with 6 per cent going on to develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Special delivery arrives on flight

Baby born weighing almost 14 pounds

Sold on natural birth? Read the fine print

Homebirth film prepares for redelivery worldwide


Australia needs adoption law overhaul

Joanna Howe 6:58am During election campaigns, politicians love to kiss babies. Yet, the reality is, in between elections, Australian babies and children in care are forgotten.


Why I'm kind of excited about my daughter's nits

Bryony Gordon 3:54pm Is it weird to say that I am secretly thrilled to find that my daughter Edie has nits?


Former 'N Sync bandmate confirms news of Timberlake-Biel baby

RACHEL CLUN 3:42pm It seems the cat is out of the bag if Joey Fatone is to be believed.

On holding tightly and loving fiercely

Siobhan Rennie We can't live in fear. This post is about Christmas and how at this time we should be celebrating life and grateful for what we have: our loved ones who we cherish fiercely.


Why I won't be posting pictures of my baby on Facebook

Store refuses entry to baby drinking from bottle

'As a mother I wasn't given a look in': the female funding fiasco

"Poor Jen" speaks out about motherhood jibes


Healing a family rift before Christmas

Aileen Nakhle Christmas is a time to share with those we cherish most. But festivities and family are not always an easy pairing.


Top reasons for your weight loss battle

What is stopping you from losing weight?

Paula Goodyer You're eating healthier food and you're moving more - so why is it still so hard to shift the weight?

Australian divorce rate lowest since 1976

Attack of the 'mummy brain'

The disagreement that can break a relationship

Keys to heavenly peace