IVF costs slashed at new clinic

LETITIA ROWLANDS For people struggling to become parents IVF can be a blessing, but it's also a costly process. Now a new clinic is offering cut-price treatment.



In your genes: who will your baby look like?

Angela Tufvesson Wondering whether your baby will take after mum or be more like dad is a fun way to pass the time while pregnant. But at the end of day, it is almost impossible to predict what traits your son or daughter will be born with.


The not-so-accidental pregnancies

Pregnant woman

LIBBY HAKIM While most surprise pregnancies are just that – surprises to all involved – these mums-to-be occasionally have a little secret. For some, the pregnancy is no shock.

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What baby name style are you?

Changing tastes in pregnancy

New test identifies premature birth risk

Pregnant Queenslanders to get free vaccines


How to use birth pools safely

Elizabeth Cluett The recall of hired home-birthing pools after a baby contracted Legionnaires' disease will have some parents-to-be worried, but there are guidelines about how to best - and safely - use a birthing pool.


Breastfeeding mum told to "be discreet" at school

LETITIA ROWLANDS 9:52pm Andrea Scannell was shocked when she was told other diners had "raised concerns" about the fact she was breastfeeding while attending a school lunch with her young family.


The final breastfeed


KIRAN CHUG She will forget the hours I spent holding her to me, and she will forget the hours when she was only calmed by feeding. I already can't quite remember some of what it was like.

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Guilty beagle sorry for stealing baby's toy

Share the little things that make you smile

Bring out your nappies: The Nappy Collective starts new drive

Yumi Stynes: Having a baby after a 10-year break


From toddler to preschooler: a developmental roadmap

JODIE BENVENISTE So your toddler is growing up and will soon be entering the preschooler years. Here are a few ways to frame their development that will help you understand what’s going in those beautiful, funny, clever little heads of theirs.



Parents who lost all three children in MH17 disaster issue heartbreaking tribute

LUCY CORMACK 9:06pm Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris have released a statement addressed to "the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, our friends and family."


Mum in business: Kristy Chong

kristy chong

Kristy Chong is the managing director of Australian-made Modibodi underwear and a mum to Lucas, 6, Jason, 4, and Isaac, 6 months. She shares her advice for other mums thinking about starting their own businesses.

Before and after: 9 laundry renovations

Gynaecologist's victims to share $190m, but still want answers

NZ's famous teen mum: "It's all worth it"

The rule every parent should break


The many problems with the sex spreadsheet

Judith Woods A spreadsheet allegedly sent from a frustrated husband to his wife, outlining the times she had turned him down for sex has gone viral - and neatly illustrates how different men and women can be.