Many women shunning contraception

Harriet Alexander and Brigid Delaney 6:44am Women who underestimate their fertility are turning away from contraception, often resulting in unintended pregnancies.

When to have sex to get pregnant


Karin Hammarberg Timing sex to coincide with your most fertile days can reduce the time it takes to conceive, and could even save you a trip to the fertility clinic.

When a friend's baby joy is a painful reminder

The truth about sperm tests

Pregnancy a tricky matter of timing for FIFO couples

Why 'egg freezing parties' aren't such a crazy idea


The danger of comparing yourself to pregnant celebrities

Jo Moir Researchers have found an unhealthy link between images of pregnant celebrities and the effect they have on women's attachment to their unborn babies.


Birth trauma and the issue of informed consent

Michele Munz There is a perception that women should just be happy they have a healthy baby in their arms. But for women who experienced birth trauma, there's a lot more to it.

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The patient wait for "miracle" baby Pablo

At last: Andres Hernandez, Maria Herrera and Pablo.

MIKI PERKINS After a long struggle to have a baby, Maria Herrara was willing to do anything to become a mother - including being confined to a hospital bed "head down, bum up" for four months of pregnancy.

Why I invited a dozen people to watch my son's birth

Morning sickness in late pregnancy: the facts

Tearing during delivery: the facts

The lowdown on male midwives


6 things that shocked me about having a baby

Moata Tamaira 12:57pm As embarrassing as some of these things are, I feel like I should share them, just in case it saves some other soon-to-be mum or dad from having to do the "what the hell is this now?" face like I did.


Coping with a bolter

MATT CALMAN My 15-month-old has suddenly added a burst of real speed to her toddle. She should be classed a flight risk.


Building on your child's character strengths

What are the character strengths you love in your kids?

JODIE BENVENISTE 2:56pm Character strengths are what bring us alive. When we're using our strengths we feel good about ourselves, and we have a positive impact on others.

When loving siblings fight

Video: Toddler not keen on clean-shaven dad

Overcoming a fear of the dark

Kids, TV and movies: how young is too young?


Video: Love from a mum with Alzheimer's

10:09pm Get the tissues out, folks - this mama and daughter moment is made of pure joy, with a big old sprinkling of heartbreak.


How I started to recover from my husband's suicide

Alex Aulich When Damien died, I was heartbroken not only for myself, but also for him and our baby. I wondered how I was ever going to put his suicide into words for her.