Adoptive mums and dads can get new parent depression too

Nancy Maes Adopting a child is supposed to be a joyous event, but for some mothers it is far from a Hallmark moment.

Fertility clinic offers egg donors $5000

A breakdown of the $5,000 figure paid to egg donors includes costs linked to consultations, counselling, transport to the hospital, time off work and follow-up visits.

Craig Butt, Health Reporter A national chain of fertility clinics is offering egg donors a $5000 payment to cover their expenses, a first for Australia which is raising concerns the money could act as an inducement.

Healthy baby from sperm taken 48 hours after a man died

The parents getting videos of their babies right from conception

IVF egg donor: 'Honesty is the most important thing'

Dads' smoking before conception increases asthma risk


Double-take maternity photos go viral

Letitia Rowlands Women everywhere would love for their partners to understand what their bodies go through during pregnancy.



Powerful photos show a mother's love

Staff writers 2:58pm A baby's first breastfeed is a special moment in any mother's life. However this newborn's first nurse at his mother's breast was particularly poignant.



Rare condition diagnosed during optional scan

Nicole Mathewson 8:11am A mother who opted for a 4D scan late in pregnancy discovered her unborn baby had a rare brain disorder.

What not to say to a first-time mum


Lauren Dubois That mum who's doing her very first 1km sprint is also struggling. She's just not as fit as you. She's not trying to compete with you, she's just trying to finish her race.

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Does it matter how much time you spend with your children?

JODIE BENVENISTE 11:00am Does spending more time with your kids help their development? This is a more complex topic than it may seem.

My life as the mum of twins

Virginia Woodruff My neighbour told me, "We didn't want multiples. No offense." I get it. That's how I was before I had twins.

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Why suicide prevention is everybody's responsibility

AMY CORDEROY Everyone agrees we need to do more to care for people at risk from suicide, the problem is what.