IVF gender selection being considered for Australian parents

HARRIET ALEXANDER Couples using IVF may be able to choose the gender of their babies and women could be financially compensated for donating their eggs.


Couple's million dollar bill for premmie baby born on holiday

LETITIA ROWLANDS An Australian couple could face a medical expenses of more than $1 million after their baby boy was born three months prematurely while they were holidaying in Hawaii.

Womb to world: transitioning your new baby


JO HARTLEY One minute they're contentedly snuggled in the sanctuary of their mum's tummy, and the next they arrive into an overwhelming reality of lights, cameras and action.

Husband films mum giving birth in moving car on freeway

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Why lazy parenting is good for us - and our kids

PINKY MCKAY 1:02pm By my fourth baby, I'd wholeheartedly embraced a philosophy of 'lazy parenting' – or, as I liked to call it with her older siblings, 'benevolent neglect'.



Dealing with a toddler's morning tantrums

Meghan Leahy Your schedule is not important to your two-year-old, and you cannot convince her otherwise. So what can you do?


Mum's final act saves toddler son in fatal escalator accident

Staff writers 10:49am A woman saved her young son but lost her own life after the platform at the top of an escalator collapsed and she fell into the machine's mechanism.

#PledgeForNate: the lives torn apart by drink driving

Nate Dunbar

Karalee Katsambanis 6:47pm "Drink driving is a choice. A very selfish choice. There is not an adult in Australia that doesn't know the potential consequences."


Child in suitcase 'could have died eight years ago'

Portable pools 'more dangerous than permanent ones'

Labor looks to longer preschool hours

Six-week-old baby found dead, believed stabbed


Financial fasting for 'Austere August'

Richard Meadows 8:48am If you're looking for a real challenge in steely self-discipline, try 'Austere August' on for size.

Coping with anxiety as a parent

Patricia Tan 3:55pm I considered myself a realist who just wanted to be prepared for the worst. It took a year with a therapist to see my anxiety as an illness that needed treatment.

The real problem with having one child

How having a baby can bring on OCD

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