Prevent pelvic pain with pre-pregnancy exercise: study

Jane Kirby Women who want to stave off aches and pains in pregnancy should exercise regularly before they conceive, experts say.


I really hated being pregnant

Jamie Goodwin My hate for pregnancy was absolute. I never felt like a wonderful feminine goddess. I felt, at my core, disgusting.


How the media can shape our decisions when it comes to labour

JO HARTLEY We all like to think that we make our choices in fair, reasoned and well-thought out ways. Not many of us would admit that we allowed the media to influence us in our life choices.

Mum gives birth to India's heaviest baby

The newborn weighed 5.97kg at birth.

Barcroft Media An Indian woman has given birth to a baby boy weighing a whopping 5.97kg, setting a new record for the country's heaviest baby.

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Dinosaur products for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 2:00pm Dinosaurs are one of those classic childhood crazes. We've put together a host of products for dinosaur-mad parents, babies and toddlers.


'Barbie told me to do it': little girl's tearful confession

Staff writers One household in the US has an unusual Barbie problem: the dolls have started ordering their little owner to do their bidding. That's what she says anyway.


Parents fight for child adopted out against their will

Scott D'Arcy Parents of a baby who was taken into care then adopted out have vowed they'll be reunited with their child after a court cleared them of abuse.


'Baby Alex lives on in our hearts'

Tara Shaskey 12:56pm Stacey couldn't fathom how a routine check-up could reveal that the baby boy she had been carrying for 28 weeks had died.

The hidden mental health illness of anxiety

Robyn Read has learnt to laugh again even though she battles with severe anxiety.

Esther Ashby-Coventry Anxiety took over Robyn Read's life to such an extent she could not even buy the groceries and felt suicidal.

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