IVF costs slashed at new clinic

LETITIA ROWLANDS For people struggling to become parents IVF can be a blessing, but it's also a costly process. Now a new clinic is offering cut-price treatment.



In your genes: who will your baby look like?

Angela Tufvesson Wondering whether your baby will take after mum or be more like dad is a fun way to pass the time while pregnant. But at the end of day, it is almost impossible to predict what traits your son or daughter will be born with.


The not-so-accidental pregnancies

Pregnant woman

LIBBY HAKIM While most surprise pregnancies are just that – surprises to all involved – these mums-to-be occasionally have a little secret. For some, the pregnancy is no shock.

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What baby name style are you?

Changing tastes in pregnancy

New test identifies premature birth risk

Pregnant Queenslanders to get free vaccines


Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

LETITIA ROWLANDS His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

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When labour just doesn't happen


KERRI SACKVILLE After three healthy kids, I can’t help feeling I’ve been a little ripped off. I missed out on something I had always wanted to experience, and now I’ll never get the chance.

Alternative practices after birth

Baby born after mum struck by lightning

Dad films baby's speedy birth on GoPro camera

'Miracle' baby survives miscarriage and abortion pills


The final breastfeed

KIRAN CHUG She will forget the hours I spent holding her to me, and she will forget the hours when she was only calmed by feeding. I already can't quite remember some of what it was like.

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Plans to pay grandparents for childcare

MIKI PERKINS Under a new proposal, grandparents who obtain TAFE qualifications could be paid to look after their grandchildren.



Before and after: 9 laundry renovations

Erin Boyle While you don't want to spend too much time in the laundry, perhaps these before and after pictures of well done renovations will inspire you to add a little more panache to yours.


Gynaecologist's victims to share $190m, but still want answers

dr levy

Brigid Schulte A US hospital has agreed to pay $190 million to the 8500 women who are part of a class-action lawsuit regarding a doctor's grotesque violation of their trust and their privacy.

NZ's famous teen mum: "It's all worth it"

The rule every parent should break

A grandparent by any other name

A great gift idea for mum and the car


Sexy swimsuits for all sizes

Sexy at every curve is a new swimsuit calendar to rival any sports illustrated cover.

The app and gadget that will help your pelvic floor


Babyology This revolutionary Kickstarter project combines a device and an app to give women the ability to track their pelvic floor health – all from the palm of their hands.

We lost three babies in two years

Should I tell my husband our last child isn't his?

Miscarriage shouldn't be a dirty little secret

Will I love my second baby as much as my first?