'Is that baby yours?'

Marie Holmes She is my daughter. I gave birth to her. I nurse her. But she doesn't have any of my genes.

Why we chose to adopt a child with Down sydrome

Kari Wagner-Peck with hr husband Ward and their son.

Kari Wagner-Peck Everyone in foster care (and really in life) has something that makes them more vulnerable. We just know what our son's is.

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Jaime King reveals her struggle to become a mum

The truth about IVF

How do surrogate mothers cope post-birth?

Please don't say I'm lucky because I was adopted


Things to consider when naming a baby

Jessica Farrish 4:43pm While some parents are hiring professional baby-naming consultants, you don't have to go that far to come up with a perfect name for your baby.

5 pregnancy myths that just won't go away

Avoid the sun, don't eat nuts, don't dye your hair? Not so fast, say the experts.

Angela Tufvesson When you're expecting, it often seems like everyone is keen to offer advice about what you should and shouldn't do in the interests of your health and wellbeing.


Top baby names for Western Australia in 2014

The baby names NZ knocked back in 2014

How can you go into labour without knowing you're pregnant?

Lamb and white bean casserole with sweet potato mash and green beans


How to raise your pain threshold in labour

Angela Tufvesson 2:38pm Your pain threshold isn't actually set to low, high or somewhere in between. It can depend on range of psychological factors like perception, environment and education.


Why I breastfed my son until he was three

Anne Theriault 12:11pm The fact that I not only breastfed my son, but breastfed him for three and a half years, seems pretty incredible in retrospect.

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Help - my three-year-old has started throwing tantrums

John Rosemund My daughter never went through the "terrible twos" but began throwing wild tantrums shortly after her third birthday.


15 years with Essential Baby: meet Therese

Therese Simpson "Life has a funny way of giving you what you need when you need it the most."



Don't set a parenting goal for 2015 - do this instead

Jodie Benveniste The problem with goal setting as a parent is the measure. How do we really know if we’re succeeding?