Finding a positive path through IVF

VICTORIA BIRCH It’s not surprising that IVF is often seen as a negative journey towards the ultimate positive, but having a glass-half-full approach can make a big difference to the experience.


Why it's possible to not realise you're pregnant until the baby arrives

MELANIE KEMBREY 12:58pm After hearing about 'surprise babies' born to mums who didn't know they were pregnant, it's common to ask "how did she not realise?" But experts say it's entirely possible for it to happen.

Prenatal testing: the facts

pre natal thumb

Staff writers Prenatal testing is done to check if a baby has certain medical conditions before birth. Here is some important information about what the tests are for and the risks involved.

The pros and cons of finding out the sex of your unborn baby

Top boy/girl twin name combinations

How a pregnancy contract could work for you and your partner

Couple's 'pretentious' pregnancy announcement


The mum-to-be who never got to meet her baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS She was looking forward to becoming a mother for the first time, but a rare complication during childbirth meant Kymberlie Shepherd died before she got to meet her baby boy Kyden.

European holiday one week, motherhood the next: student gives birth to surprise baby

Kate had few pregnancy symptoms and still fit into her size 6 clothes when heavily pregnant on her dream European trip.

Melanie Mahoney At 22, two years into a uni degree, Kate Hudson, took a dream trip around with Europe with friends. She didn't realise she was going to be a mum by the end of the month.

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Mum learnt she was pregnant hours before giving birth


5 things to do with your baby’s old clothes

Nicole Thomson-Pride 12:02pm Did you think your only option for your baby’s old clothes was to pack them away or give them to the Salvos? Think again.


The history of the disposable nappy


Marion Donovan, inventor of the first disposable nappy, had one question that guided her work: "What do I think will help a lot of people, and most certainly will help me?"

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The little girl who always smiles: life with Tay Sachs disease

Paul Purcell Ellie Topliff turns two in February. It will probably be her last birthday.

New app helping in the search for childcare

Parents can use a new app to see whether there childcare centre has available spots.

Gayle Bryant A new app is allowing childcare centres to manage absences and available spots with ease. It even promises to help families save money!

When should you tell your child you're having a baby?

Warning about Children's Panadol dosage

Tiny golfer won't let disability hold him back

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Paid parental leave scheme grinds to a halt

MARK KENNY The future of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme appears to be up in the air, despite the fact it is due to begin in less than nine months.



The 'yucky' illness that took over my life

1:09pm I have a chronic illness nobody likes to discuss. It involves toilet talk, and probably caused my miscarriage. But it needs to be talked about.