The myths and truths of gender swaying

Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about whether they really work.

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The dangerous new trend of glucose challenge test refusal

Stacey Gladman A dangerous trend is seeing more mothers-to-be declining a relatively simple and painless test to check for gestational diabetes.

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Facebook appeal saves labouring woman's life

LETITIA ROWLANDS 12:46pm A plea for help posted on Facebook helped save the life of a pregnant woman who had spent days in labour in a remote part of Papua New Guinea.

Baby born at 10:11 on 12-13-14

Baby Clare's birth was timed perfectly.

Well, it's actually 13-12-14 to us over here. But still, Clare Elizabeth Keane's consecutive numerical birth time is pretty special.


The aftermath of a traumatic birth experience

Special delivery arrives on flight

Baby born weighing almost 14 pounds

Sold on natural birth? Read the fine print


Moving #illridewithyou song performed in Martin Place

MELANIE KEMBREY 5:53pm In the aftermath of one of Sydney's darkest days, there was a spot of colour.

Australia needs adoption law overhaul

Children in care are often forgotten between elections.

Joanna Howe 6:58am During election campaigns, politicians love to kiss babies. Yet, the reality is, in between elections, Australian babies and children in care are forgotten.

Babies, relatives and coping with Christmas day

Mum of baby who fell ill after drinking raw milk speaks out

Better sleep for babies with the comforting Lulla Doll

Video: Baby boy's trouble with twins


Why I'm kind of excited about my daughter's nits

Bryony Gordon Is it weird to say that I am secretly thrilled to find that my daughter Edie has nits?


31 asylum-seeker babies to stay in Australia

Lisa Martin 6:49pm Thirty-one babies born to asylum-seeker parents in Australia will be allowed to stay on the mainland as part of a one-off


Remembering lost children at Christmas

CATHERINE RODIE 11:22am This December 25th will be Rachel Nobel's third Christmas without her young son Hamish, who died in a tragic accident aged just 20 months.


Healing a family rift before Christmas

HEAL THE RIFT: Unresolved tension can overshadow Christmas.

Aileen Nakhle Christmas is a time to share with those we cherish most. But festivities and family are not always an easy pairing.


Top reasons for your weight loss battle

Australian divorce rate lowest since 1976

Attack of the 'mummy brain'

The disagreement that can break a relationship