IVF patients in the dark over which clinics are least successful

HARRIET ALEXANDER 5:19pm Couples with fertility problems have little way of knowing which IVF clinics are the best performers despite significant differences between clinic success rates.


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Jessica Bartlett 12:23pm As I roll into the second half of "Pregnancy: The Sequel", here is breakdown of the differences I have found thus far.


Five lies you tell yourself when you're pregnant


Lauren Dubois You can see it all now: glowing mumma with her gorgeous babe ... you know exactly what you're going to be like. Or perhaps you know exactly what you're not going to be like.


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JO HARTLEY Lotus birthing is not all that common, but for a number of women it feels like the most natural thing to do.


Graduation ceremony comes to new mum in hospital

Juliet Smith at her hospital graduation.

Staff writers Juliet Smith may only have been a mum for a few days, but she has already learned that babies do not always fit in with their mother's plans.

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Margarita time

Keira Knightley welcomes first child

10:56am British actress Keira Knightley has become a first-time mother.


Domestic politics

Why I felt guilty about having a cleaner

Elicia Murray 7:35am Coming home to a clean house was a pleasure – and yet, I felt uneasy.