Dads' smoking before conception increases asthma risk

LETITIA ROWLANDS Fathers who smoke are more likely to have children with asthma even if they quit the habit before their baby is conceived, according to new research.


Stillbirth, miscarriage and infertility is no April Fools' joke

Melanie Hearse Faux pregnancy announcements have long been a go-to April Fools joke. This year a meme popped up to deliver a lecture about the insensitivity of the prank - but opinion is divided on its validity.

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#birthjusthappened: the photos changing the way we see labour

CATHERINE RODIE There's no doubt that post-birth photos can have a powerful effect on women. But are they enough to change the way pregnant women feel about their own impending labours?

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Online sale of breast milk is dangerous, experts say

ESTHER HAN 2:22pm Breast milk sold on the internet is rarely screened for diseases and is a clear health risk, say researchers in London.

Baby Riley's dad: 'I would have swapped places in a heartbeat'

Baby Riley passed away at 32 days.

LETITIA ROWLANDS 1:34pm It is a photograph no parent ever wants to take of their baby - in hospital hooked up to machines, breathing through tubes and fighting for their life at just four-weeks-old.

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All the fun of a sushi train - at home

Babyology 4:46pm A toy company wants to bring the fun of a sushi train right to your own dining table.

Rosannah 'just like any other toddler' - except for one big difference

Rosannah Gundry was diagnosed with cancer in December 2014.

Orlander Ruming 4:30pm Behind her big smile, 18-month-old Rosannah is dealing with a tumour that reaches from her lower abdomen all the way to her heart.

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Pregnant TV host speaks out about mail over 'gross' body

12:05pm Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon is receiving hate mail. Why? Well, for being and - shock horror - looking pregnant and yet still daring to participate in public space.


Mums, don't die with your light inside you

Julia Watson I accept that, barring a miracle, I will die of cancer. But no one knows the end date, so I'm not going to work towards it.

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The certificate helping parents deal with pregnancy loss

An example of the NSW Recognition of Early Pregnancy Loss certificate

JO HARTLEY For some people, this certificate will offer a sense of validation that their child was acknowledged as being here and now gone, and will help them with life post-loss.


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