Starting a family despite a low sperm count

Michelle Duff 4:35pm "I'd never really failed a test - how could I fail this particularly manly test?"

How special surgery and IVF can create a post-vasectomy baby

Expecting: Glenn McGrath and Sara Leonardi-McGrath.

INGA TING Cricket legend Glenn McGrath and his second wife Sara are expecting their first child together, thanks to IVF and a delicate surgical sperm retrieval process that helped the couple to conceive.

Dad-to-be's heartwarming reaction to pregnancy news

The pain of not having babies and not knowing why

Twins' paternity case leads to very unexpected results

I gave birth to my brother’s baby


What you need to know about pregnancy and health insurance

Staff writers It's not just waiting periods that couples need to consider - there are other factors to consider when thinking about health insurance.

7 things you might not know about postnatal depression


Megan Blandford Despite its widespread nature, there is still a great amount of mystery surrounding PND - and it's important to try unravelling as much of that as we can.

10 things to consider when you're thinking about trying for a baby

How belly bands can help during pregnancy

8 tips for hiding your pregnancy

Overeating in pregnancy: no more 'eating for two'


'I had a lotus birth and I loved it'

JO HARTLEY Lotus birthing is not all that common, but for a number of women it feels like the most natural thing to do.


Graduation ceremony comes to new mum in hospital

Juliet Smith at her hospital graduation.

Staff writers Juliet Smith may only have been a mum for a few days, but she has already learned that babies do not always fit in with their mother's plans.

How to use gas effectively in labour

Doctor's mobile phone 'left inside c-section mum'

It's a ... boy! Couple welcomes son number 13

Woman who gave birth on flight didn't know she was pregnant


Warnings after baby girl died while sleeping in bouncer

Staff writers Parents have been warned about the dangers of letting babies sleep in bouncers and swings following the death of a three-month-old girl.

Coping with fatigue as a parent


JODIE BENVENISTE Sleep deprivation is a real hazard of caring for a baby. But there are ways to manage the challenges of fatigue better.

Yummy mummy: Nicole Trunfio breastfeeds baby on Elle magazine cover

Why drinking water can be deadly for babies

Helping your first-born welcome a sibling

Those first daycare days


Awesome outdoor play with My Cubby

Babyology Backyard cubbies have progressed from lean-tos made from an old tarp and a couple of branches to these magnificent mini houses.



Faulty washing machines linked to house fires

HANNAH FRANCIS More than 80,000 faulty Samsung washing machines pose a fire threat in homes throughout Australia despite a nationwide recall of the machines.



A very 21st century issue: parents, parks and smart phones

CATHERINE RODIE It's not all the parents, and it's not all the time, but there is often at least one doing it. And sometimes, that 'one' is me.

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I'm a mum and I'm following my dreams


Thuy Yau I want my kids to know that no matter what happens in life, you can still be who it is that you've always wanted to be.


'Mum bods' stealing the 'dad bods' limelight

This is the test that could save your life

My struggle with endometriosis

Does parenthood make us happier?