Dad orders surrogate mother to abort baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS 7:34am A man who is paying a surrogate mother to carry his child has demanded the woman abort a baby, or face financial ruin, after learning she is pregnant with triplets.

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Claims a common antidepressant killed newborn

LIAM MANNIX 1:43pm A commonly-prescribed antidepressant may be implicated in the death of a day-old baby, a Victorian coroner has heard.

See this dance teacher's incredible hip hop dance moves at 7 months pregnant

Christina Litle is a viral sensation at 7 months pregnant and hip hop dancing.

Suzi Catchpole 2:07pm Having a 27 week baby bump can often signal the end of vigorous dancing for mums, at least for a while. It's no barrier for Californian dance teacher and photographer Christina Litle, however, who is dancing as enthusiastically as ever even at 7 months pregnant. 


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What happens when violent men try to change?

Sophie Wiesner 4:24pm 'Call Me Dad' director Sophie Wiesner wants Australia to start a brave conversation with (and about) those who perpetrate abuse.