Sperm donor fights for rights as father

LETITIA ROWLANDS 4:27pm George Deka, Kerrie Hancox and their two daughters may seem like a conventional family of four. However their story is actually so modern that the nation's legal system is yet to catch up with them. 

The benefits of pre-conception genetic testing

Nicky Phillips and Amy Corderoy A new Australian company is offering pre-conception genetic testing for 145 diseases so couples can learn if they are unwitting carriers of disorders which may be passed on to their future babies.

The new way to meet your baby's other parent

Have a baby or your money back - but there's a catch

Polycystic ovary syndrome: symptoms, treatment and your fertility

'Rarest of rare cases': intersex woman has twins


Twins saved by surgery before birth

AMANDA DUNN Just 15 weeks into her first pregnancy and carrying twins, Jo and her husband Troy were given a terrible choice: terminate the pregnancy, or have surgery on the twins in utero in an attempt to save their lives.

Dads wear empathy bellies to 'experience pregnancy'

LETITIA ROWLANDS Mums-to-be exhausted from the physical demands of pregnancy often lament how they wish men would have more appreciation of the difficulties that come with being heavily pregnant.

40 old-fashioned baby names coming into vogue again

Finding baby name inspiration in unusual places

The middle name game

Indigenous midwives break down the barriers


Taking a look at birth centre care

Belinda Peters Deciding where to have your first baby is a personal, and often confusing, decision.

The case for inducing at 37 weeks


CATHERINE RODIE While we often think of pregnancy as a 40 week affair, experts agree that 37 weeks is actually “full term". So is there an argument for inducing all births at 37 weeks?

A rare glimpse inside the womb

What's the best position for giving birth?

Mum tries doing 'Thriller' dance to bring on labour

It's time to stop the home birth stigma


Onesie that might save babies from SIDS

LETITIA ROWLANDS 3:28pm A onesie which keeps track of a baby's temperature, heartbeat and breathing patterns is promising to help new mums and dads sleep easier.



The low-down on worms and how to get rid of them

Vincent Ho Threadworm is the most common intestinal worm in Australia. But don't worry: they're relatively harmless and easily treated.


New lead in William Tyrell case

MEGAN LEVY 10:59am A tip-off has led police to an area of dense bushland six months after the toddler mysteriously vanished from his grandmother's home.

Managing your family photo overload

It can be easy to lose track of your family photos.

Lindsey M Roberts 7:05am When technology gives us new solutions, sometimes, it also gives us new problems. Consider the ready access to the camera in your smartphone, and then the glut of photos that follows.

Baby Leo's parents to give it a go

Handling baby jet lag

Five second rule: Four times you shouldn't eat food dropped on the floor

Forget ‘no jab, no pay’, there are better ways to boost vaccination


Shallow water blackout kills fit, healthy dad

LETITIA ROWLANDS A little girl will grow up without her father after the fit and healthy 34-year-old passed away while doing something he had practised his whole life.