Parents seek biological child after embryo mix-up

BEVAN HURLEY AND STEVE KILGALLON A New Zealand couple are seeking answers after their embryos were swapped in a mix-up at a Thai fertility hospital and their surrogate gave birth to someone else's child.


Dad orders surrogate mother to abort baby

Commercial surrogacy is legal in many US states.

LETITIA ROWLANDS A man who is paying a surrogate mother to carry his child has demanded the woman abort a baby, or face financial ruin, after learning she is pregnant with triplets.

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When your sixth sense says you're pregnant

JO HARTLEY 1:55pm Is it possible for some women to intuitively know when they are pregnant before a test shows positive? Experts believe so.

Important steps to take when naming your baby

Choosing your baby's name is an important decision.

Lauren Dubois 9:55am Choosing a name for your baby is a very important decision. Here are some ways to help you choose a name so your child won't hate you for the rest of their life.

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New mum gives birth 15 hours after learning she was pregnant

Adele Redmond 11:46am Most expecting parents have nine months to prepare themselves, but for one NZ couple, a life-changing surprise happened literally overnight.


Summer essentials for babies and toddlers

Suzi Catchpole 10:55am A safe and happy summer in Australia means a few essential products for babies and toddlers, who we need to take very special care of in the sunshine and heat.


Special childcare help for parents on irregular hours

Adam Gartrell, National Political Correspondent Special arrangements will be put in place to ensure parents who work irregular hours – such as fly-in fly-out workers – don't miss out on the Turnbull government's new childcare subsidy.


Mother honours stranger who died after paying for her groceries

Teri Figueroa 2:29pm Jamie-Lynne Knighten was dealing with a crying baby and a credit card glitch when Matthew Jackson came to her rescue and paid for her groceries. Less than 24 hours later Matthew died, now Jamie-Lynne wants the world to know the legacy of a man she barely knew.


Why I took anti-depressants after my first baby

Yumi Stymes 12:19pm I'm no expert on mental health. But from my experience, a crucial step in getting well is knowing that it's okay to ask for help.

How to cope when you switch to one income

Going from two incomes to one after having a baby can be a shock.

MARK BOURIS What happens when your household goes from two incomes to one? This could be because you are having children, taking time off to study, dealing with medical issues or you've been retrenched.

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