Victorian Labor to introduce same-sex adoption laws

Richard Willingham, Benjamin Preiss Thousands of same-sex couples with children will have the right to be jointly recognised as parents by Victorian law.

Grandma surprised with brand new granddaughter


Staff writers Finding out you’re going to be a grandmother can be a very emotional moment. Finding out that you’re a grandmother and the baby is already here is just out of this world.

Wannabe dads left behind in IVF debate

Scientists identify potential birth control 'pill' for men

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I really hated being pregnant

Jamie Goodwin 9:09am My hate for pregnancy was absolute. I never felt like a wonderful feminine goddess. I felt, at my core, disgusting.


How the media can shape our decisions when it comes to labour

JO HARTLEY We all like to think that we make our choices in fair, reasoned and well-thought out ways. Not many of us would admit that we allowed the media to influence us in our life choices.

Mum gives birth to India's heaviest baby

The newborn weighed 5.97kg at birth.

Barcroft Media An Indian woman has given birth to a baby boy weighing a whopping 5.97kg, setting a new record for the country's heaviest baby.

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How 'parentese' helps develop your baby's language skills

KIM ARLINGTON 11:08am Baby talk does more than just entertain babies - it helps foster important language skills, too.


Dad builds the ultimate bed for his toddler son

LETITIA ROWLANDS The transition from cot to big kid bed might be a little easier if every toddler had a bed like this one.


Further recall of children's pain relief

Staff writers 7:46pm The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has announced the recall of three more types of children's paracetamol.


The hidden mental health illness of anxiety

Esther Ashby-Coventry Anxiety took over Robyn Read's life to such an extent she could not even buy the groceries and felt suicidal.

How to spring clean your body and mind


Julia Cahill Whether you're pregnant, already a mum, or are just trying to be a bit more healthy, there are ways to use the rejuvenating season to give yourself a boost.

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