Woman gives birth after having her own mother's uterus transplanted

LETITIA ROWLANDS In a world first, a healthy baby has been born from the same womb that nurtured his own mother.

The conception dilemma facing many parents today

Whether or not to tell children their birth was the result of donated sperm is confronting an increasing number of parents.

JULIA MEDEW Some parents who conceived through a sperm donor will be wary of telling the child, while others prefer to deal with it early on. But recent research suggests it makes little difference either way.

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So hot right now: double-barrelled baby names on the rise

Suzi Catchpole It's one way to make your baby stand out from the pack – giving them not one, but two first names.


Mum dances her way through labour

Staff writers There are a fair few ways to distract yourself and beat pains while in labour, but it's probably a rare woman who chooses her dance her way through it.

Childbirth choices: five star or free?

Louise after her baby's birth.

DONNA WEBECK It's not often you hear the words labour and luxury in the same sentence but for some, a 5-star start to parenthood is exactly what they seek. And with a number of private hospitals now offering packages which include a post-birth stay at a sumptuous first class resort, many mums are choosing to recover in style.

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Breastfeeding basics for beginners

LETITIA ROWLANDS 3:49pm Here are 10 tips to help make breastfeeding successful and stress free for both you and your baby as quickly as possible.


When your toddler disagrees

EVELYN LEWIN There comes a time when your child starts having different views to you. I didn't realise that time would come so soon.

Shopping with kids: breaking the pester-power cycle


JO HARTLEY You're out shopping with your little one and they're incessantly whining that they want a treat. It's easy to say no ... the first time, at least.

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Parents still failing to buckle up kids

Melissa Grant 5:52pm The lives of hundreds of children are being put at risk every year because their parents aren't restraining them properly in cars.


Why late night snacks wreak havoc on weight loss

Jennifer Van Allen 7:14am  Loath as you may be to admit it, chances are that at some point you have found yourself in the kitchen late at night, devouring food.